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  1. I'm back from a looong break and I saidly found out that the console doesn't exist anymore. I used it mainly to change my FOV. It was actually the first thing I did when logging into the game. I feel cramped up with the default FOV. I'd like to see a bar in the options to change the FOV. Who remembers setting the FOV to the max? It was so fun when you looked down and jumped. Felt like jumping insanely high and added a new difficulty to the game!  Or setting it to the minimum. That was also nice. I used that as an binocular. I miss the FOV settings :c Please bring it back.
  2. Since I started playing this game I saved my ham. Today I sold my whole petstuff bag, including my ham. There is no reason to stay alive anymore. 1 like = 1 RIP for my ham
  3. Every hero card can be placed with it's own shards/talents. So different slots will still change the gameplay a lot i think. Just because one which is good in fighting can have all towers at a decent level, it doesn't mean that you can't have much better towers with specific shard/talent builds. I spend currently my medals still on more hero cards.
  4. Otherwise people would sit on their mountains of DMs. Someday there will be new stuff which you only can buy with medals. Think about a completely new feature. People could simply buy all the new stuff at once. Baaam they are done with all the new content, which was meant to be aquired in at least some months. People need a reason to play the game. If they already have everything obtainable there is no reason to play. I agree that the medal limit is too low, if they release heros for 12k. But since there are no new heros anymore there is no reason to raise the limit.
  5. Well you already mentioned what the endgame is all about. Farming gear and medals. For now there is nothing more we (the people who got already some okay NM4 gear) can do, except for having fun by playing without a challange. We have to wait for the next HUGE patch which will change a lot things. Especially endgame. You can read the latest devoloper logs to get a small sneak peak. I guess that we have to wait still 1-4 months for it's release. But no one knows yet.
  6. This issue doesn't have anything to do with the medal limit. The medal limit is important. Just spend your medals if you reached it.
  7. Good to see that someone postet about this. I'm really annoyed by that issue aswell. Still having the same dailys which I got a month ago. No reroll possible since I have 3 dailys. If I would be able to reroll them I would have played at least some more. Just doing weekly now....
  8. Haven't fight him before, so today was finally the day. Defense - Nimbus reach NM IV At wave 5 the first one spawned. I slightly paniced because I thought they only spawn in the last wave. Sold the stuff he would destroy anyways at the lane. Obviously except for the wall. After I was able to sneak behind him with my gorgeus gunwitch and my divine dragolich, I entered terminator-mode(Two at twice the price & dragolich ability). Once my bullets were empty Mr. Siege Roller had 1kk HP left. I was shocked that it's so easy to kill him. Mr. Siege Roller had to surrender before he was able t
  9. In total three times unfair. No it's not unfair. Before the new players joined you had already time to gear urself up, or maybe even time to farm medals.
  10. The crit chance shows up at the top. Not in percantage. It shows for example 0.15 critical chance. It's a sword with pink background. The critical hit damage is shown at the bottom. Sword with yellow stuff. The number which stands there will be added to your normal damage.
  11. Created a poll. So we will have some statistics. You can select more than one. Poll Edit: [[157895,users]] you could copy this link in the OP. So more people will see it :)
  12. I don't think so. Any evidence?
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