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  1. Played some CB on stream! (thats why some waves were longer than others) Thank you for this!
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198828896923/
  3. I was told by the devs themselves to resort to the forums if trendy support wasnt working
  4. Thank you, sorry I didnt see that before
  5. Does anyone know who to talk to about getting unbanned? I was banned 2 years ago and have been asking Trendy Support and haven't gotten an answer back. If anyone is wondering it isn't because of hacking or anything but I would rather not go into detail on here.
  6. What was I selling? like I said before I let my brother play on my account for the day I didn't he would screw up this badly. If he did sell anything hacked or something then I understand and I hope he didn't, but I want to resolve this the right way by talking to them and actually getting contact info to them. If you have contact info great, then post it here or send it to me privately. My brother told me he didn't get a warning of any sort. If you reported him or this account then why not tell him before doing so, so that he wont do it anymore? Hes only 8 I dont think he knew much of what he was talking about. Thanks for responding back though, please let me know what to do to resolve this, thank you.
  7. I never once "cheated" in my life in this game. I got a ban that was not deserving and I want it to be resolved, but trendy isnt taking any action in helping falsely accused bans. Honestly im never buying another game from them again if this is how they "care" about thier customers. I have been asking for months now and not even a response from them.
  8. I just really need help I still want to play, I know it wasnt a VAC ban
  9. It isnt a VAC ban I dont think, when I try to go on ranked it just says to contact Trendy to try to appeal the ban and no response from them yet. Any ideas?
  10. Hey guys, about 2 months ago I was banned from Dungeon Defenders for some reason and I want to resolve this so I can play my favorite game, online again. I have contacted Trendy through multiple ways (email, twitter, and even on the main website) yet I have gotten no answer back from them. If anyone knows how to get in contact with them please let me know. Thank you in advance.
  11. THANK YOU! For some reason it changed it on me lol, all is fixed :)
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