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  1. So, to start off: I'm leveling my 3rd lvl 50 right now since I've came back to the game in 5 days and I'm going for an buff aura monk, wall squire, tower dps apprentice and a dps huntress, now I just learned yesterday from my bud that the wording on hearty blockade for squire sounds way less strong than it actually is, apparently it increases the health stat and not just the health so you'll have an incredible amount of health for your wall if you've got a lot of max hp on your character. So, I'm wondering what other builds are good for these characters? what should I invest my points in and
  2. http://store.steampowered.com//app/417740 Link is avaiable from the game and patch notes, it was the first thing I was looking for, couldn't see it in the steam store at first aswell :)
  3. So, the new pack is out. 23 eur for: 4 Premium Bags Increased max bag slot from 12 to 16 bags 2 Extra Hero Slots Exclusive "Baggins" Title 400 gems as a special bonus Thank You!So, my question is- how much do youguys think the max bag slots will be worth?I'm thinking of getting the collectors one but this one is amazing personally aswell, so I'm just hoping the inv slots will be purchasable with gems. I was hoping the pack'd give a little more gems personally, any thoughts?
  4. Also not working with evo items and reroll items, had an inventory for all of them seperately, the only ones that work are Pet Eggs and <Insert item qualities>
  5. So, started playing this game again, didn't play since the first week of the pre-alpha and I've been trying to figure out how to farm these tokens, I've heard people talking about onslaught, some talking about soloing ceritain maps, some tell me just by dailies and stuff, but can't find something that actually confirms any of it.
  6. Hmm might pickup the 46 eur collectors one tonight then, even though I'm at my backpack cap with the council gems, could become quite useful someday
  7. Are you sure it's just 2 more days left on the DLC bundles?
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