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    so you added line of sight but it is bugged like HELL. even if there a small tiny think in front of tower. they dont fire at all. what is small, tiny think ? let say it is soccer ball. yes towers do not attack if there is a small think in front of them. i'm sick if this bugs low multi game experince. cya
  2. i belive dragolich damage multipliar should be decreased to 1.25.
  3. actually guys i'd like to play new map. instead of new hero.
  4. it makes huge difference on dps. like doubles it.
  5. what is the highest value of this 2/s think ? what is yours ?
  6. still it needs to be dropable
  7. can u make dragolich dropable ?
  8. was there a mouthly quest 2016 may ?
  9. i probably sold dragolic egg by mistake. :/
  10. my friend got dragolich egg last night. nm4 whyvern den. i havent seen before so it must be really rare. palyed couple times didnt get it. :(
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