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  1. Thanks for your response! I might reinstall and try again then :-)
  2. Hey guys, been away from the game for a while, wanting to know if they still have lanes that have %magic or physical resist?
  3. Butter, thanks for the comment! It's awesome to let us know that we are being heard, even if they don't agree with us. Our goal I hope is to make this game one that I can sink lots of time into and love just as much as the first one. Thanks again for the update!
  4. Good response everyone, I guess we'll have to sit back and hope they take some of the feedback in these forums. I'm remaining cautiously optimistic.
  5. Repost from General Discussion. SORRY! So, I hopped into the DD2 alpha super stoked because I loved DD1 so MUCH! I had fun for the most part, but the experience fell short of my high hopes, and after playing DD1 again the other day, I don't know if I can play DD2 anymore in its current iteration. I'll try to explain why, and see if anyone agrees. *Disclaimer, only a few 50s, only done NM2, nothing higher.* 1. Pigeon-holing of heroes : On DD1, half the fun of many maps was seeing what different setups you could use, having to account for fire-immune, or lightning-immune enemies. Eventually you used auras or traps to remove that affinity, but it gave you an out. I see now you have to have a Wall Squire, Frost App, Trap Huntress, and Ser Monk to get through harder difficulty. No one wants a def power squire, they just need his walls. Not to mention the loss of towers only limits what heroes can do even more. Monks lost the main slow, and Apps got it, just seems weird. 2. I hit NM 1 and saw a 75% magic defense lane. I only had my Apprentice and I really only play alone because I have a baby and may need to step out at any time. I love to solo, and I felt punished that I had no way to deal with this lane. I had to super overcompensate for that lane and farm up gear, while the other 2 lanes I had only normal difficulty with. This seems like a cheap way to inflate difficulty, since if it gets up to 95% or higher (I don't know) then an Apprentice would be worthless for that lane. 3. Gear : No range or speed stats on gear. Only a few stats worthwhile, Def power, Def health, and def crit/damage. Talk about several steps backwards. The range only makes sense since the maps are roughly half the size or smaller than most DD1 maps, so there is less need to shoot super far (Or there are so many bends in the road that they can't shoot straight). Attack speed was awesome though! I loved watching my ballista shoot every .11 seconds, fire a constant stream, wiping out lines of enemies. Watching a ballista shoot every 3 seconds is SUPER BORING. Why not let us be overpowered? That's what made DD1 fun! We got SOOO strong that enemy scaling had to be huge to deal with us, and we loved it! One screw up and it's over, but we felt powerful. Right now I feel like once lvl 50 I just put more damage on my slow shooting turrets and hope for crit gear. 4. Gear drops : 5+ runs with no def power drops, and hybrid gear sucks. I know there will be a "crafting" system in the future, so I won't harp on this one so much. 5. Money / tokens/pets. Why switch from Mana? 1 currency to track was wayyyy better. Standing at the upgrade guy for an hour trying to drag in items to upgrade is way worse than just clicking to spend your mana. Pets seem lackluster too, in DD1 they could be a HUGE upgrade, especially the kobolds on treadmills, or the Djinns. These pets are stale stat sticks that poke enemies very slightly. 6. Maps : These maps seems a lot more boring, even though they added things like poison roots or fire carts you can trigger. Every mission is basically the same small area. I miss the huge expansive maps like City in the Hills or whatever it was called, the Sky mission, the ramparts, all the giant places with tons of options for dealing with waves. 7. Monks suck : Single shot right click only, step backward. Losing slow aura, step backward. Auras are SUPER TINY, step backward. Half the fun of a monk was placing a giant sphere of slowing and watching them hit it and stop. Giant electric auras ticking at .11 seconds, now they have a tiny little electric aura and a turret that homing shoot air units. I suppose the healing one is better endgame, but having to stand on it permanently to win doesn't seem much fun. 8. Matchmaking : Right now it sucks, perhaps when the game is finished it will be better, but it's not even almost worth it right now. I understand people may have wanted it, but what's wrong with the old looking through a list of games to join one? Hopefully they gets better, since I feel pressured into playing with others with game design. 9. Should be an ability for people to skip the campaign and power level people. I have a hard time recommending people join to play with me since they have to complete the campaign to even get access to pets, etc. No ability to power lvl people, since xp sucks in everything but free play. So I probably sound like I'm just whining a lot, and maybe so. I still have high hopes for DD2, but I urge the devs to go back and look at what made DD1 such an amazing game, things like the crazy names of weapons, using a lightsaber or a snowball launcher! Finding new ways to mess around on maps, letting us become near-Gods in game. The game doesn't need to be super serious to be very successful, should be focused on fun. Let me know if you guys agree or disagree, but let's keep it pleasant, we're all here to try to make the game we love better! If I got anything wrong please let me know and I'll try to edit. -Darkmisery
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