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  1. Thanks for your response! I might reinstall and try again then :-)
  2. Hey guys, been away from the game for a while, wanting to know if they still have lanes that have %magic or physical resist?
  3. Butter, thanks for the comment! It's awesome to let us know that we are being heard, even if they don't agree with us. Our goal I hope is to make this game one that I can sink lots of time into and love just as much as the first one. Thanks again for the update!
  4. Good response everyone, I guess we'll have to sit back and hope they take some of the feedback in these forums. I'm remaining cautiously optimistic.
  5. Repost from General Discussion. SORRY! So, I hopped into the DD2 alpha super stoked because I loved DD1 so MUCH! I had fun for the most part, but the experience fell short of my high hopes, and after playing DD1 again the other day, I don't know if I can play DD2 anymore in its current iteration. I'll try to explain why, and see if anyone agrees. *Disclaimer, only a few 50s, only done NM2, nothing higher.* 1. Pigeon-holing of heroes : On DD1, half the fun of many maps was seeing what different setups you could use, having to account for fire-immune, or lightning-immune enemies. Eventually you
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