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  1. I want it to give to a friend who doesn't have the game right now. Been wanting to get the game for him, just don't have the money right now.
  2. it happens occasionally just wait for them to de-spawn They normally never despawn. Me and my buddy just spend 30 seconds to a minute shooting at them (Sword of Masters and DPS Monk) and we think we get their attention and they usually fly that direction. Djinn are also the other culprits. I've seen one Djinn so far that it happened to. The amusing part, and I wish I could have gotten a screenshot of it, he was floating over my defenses with about ten little 1 mana crystals floating around him. Quite funny.
  3. Full Image Size Is this normal behavior for this map, because this isn't the first time this has happened to me. Just curious about it.
  4. Just kind of curious why there isn't one. All the other heroes have a super legendary version except her. Any reason for this or just a bug on release?
  5. I'll play with you. Steam ID in my signature (xxmikexbxx just incase)
  6. Not sure if anyone else has noticed this yet but, they seem to be dropping the ogres (sometimes they do sometimes they don't) just shy of the edge of the platform. Not sure if that's just me though. Anyone else having this happen yet?
  7. I read that in this voice. Glad I wasnt the only one that did that lol
  8. Alright. Thanks for the quick respond. :squire:
  9. I just bought City in the Cliffs and Talay Mining Complex last night and I was curious about one thing... Is it normal to get 4 items (3 weapons 1 pet) for completing CitC for the first time, and if so, will I receive a similar reward for completing Talay for the first time?
  10. Anytime that I have been playing with a buddy of mine with his summoner or while splitscreen with my summoner in play, I seem to run into this http://steamcommunity.com/id/xxmikexbxx/screenshot/594722251544675599 Is there anyway to prevent this kind of thing from happening.... or even explain why it is happening? I never run into this issue solo with my squire, only if I have a summoner present in my games.
  11. i think godly and below can match. Not 100% sure about this though Alright. Wish I had a way to test this but as of right now (where I started over on Ranked from scratch) I havent gotten a level 74 yet. Close though (though I cant run an insane run yet because of the low gear I have been getting) EDIT: Just found this while checking out the wiki (PC, Mobile & Console) When you equip armor of all the same type in every slot, every piece gains a bonus in all stats on the armor. You will know this is in effect when you see a pulsing cyan square around the armor icon's border. Pets
  12. Last time I checked, for an item set, you needed godly leather (and all the other what-nots of the other tiers that I am too lazy to list) But while I was playing trying to level up my monk, I came across this happening: Only the boots on this set are not godly and yet I have an item set. Was this changed at some point that they no longer have to be the same tier and I just missed it or what?
  13. Just having these random issues with things while playing online. As stated, they are not game breaking problems but I did want to ask if anyone else has encountered issues like these: Towers will move randomly after first wave (move once then wont move afterwards. Not on nightmare, no sharken) Checked stats after a match and found this one Anyone else had these happen before or is it just something to this update? (7.36b)
  14. Ok thanks, I had just never seen anything like that before and I wasnt sure if something was bugged or not. At least I dont have to worry about it now. :D
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