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  1. "Working on Set items and how builds will eventually evolve into that" IS this the DD1 way set items worked? or is it real set item's like: 2 set give: XXXXX 4 set give: XXXXX 7 set give: XXXXX
  2. So afther buying the new pack with bags i ran into a problem. i now have 16 bags goodie. But afther i did this i get a bug many time's, while hovering over item's the "tool tip" for current item do not show.
  3. yea that will work, but is this how the game innteded to be? you have to have a huntress incase anything get stuck...
  4. So. been doing onslaught for 5 hour's now, at wave 34 and a ogre get stuck... GG end of this round, 5 hour's and this happends... When are you gonna fix the mob's geting stuck bug? 
  5. ATM i am in onslaught Endgame hard at wave 30, it has droped 2 token's sofar, at wave 24 and 29, they seem to drop afther wave 15-20 ish, it's still abit random and abit luck, also a awesome way to level your pet's :) Good luck. Edit: another one, wave 32. 3 sofar.
  6. it's a mouthly! not a weekly, your supost to have to use some time on it! FFS stop crying that u can¨t finish a MOUTHLY quest the first 5 days.... And, u can farm token's from Onslaught too! I really don't understand what everybody is crying about!
  7. can we get the option to move hero's around in our hero page? (not the deck itself) but where all hero's are.
  8. last dev stream you talked about item stat's. IF a item is hero based, Like it roll Hero power, it whould not get any tower stat like Tower crit damage, that's great and all! BUT?? isen't this destroyeing the Squire blockade build, as they infact need tower HP and Hero hp? what's your plan here? Some though's: - new mod with that add XX% HP to blockade's, that might remove the need for having 1 squire dedicated for blockade HP only. -Blockade's from both squire and APP get Passiv Damage taken reduced. will also remove the need for a pure blockade squire and APP blockades will be equaly good <- yes u can get this from a monk boost, but it's nowhere enough for NM3-4.
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