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  1. Jack in the box: Treasure chests have a chance to cause a jack in the box to pop out (would require a unique model), scaring the player and causing them to drop 75% of their mana and making them unable to collect any more for the duration of the build phase, and for 120 seconds of the combat phase. Cannot occur within the first 3 waves.
  2. - Reversed movement controls for 30 seconds (mouse looking would be unaffected). - Each hero shares a randomly selected hero's movement and cast speed effectiveness while keeping their own stat temporarily. (For instance, a huntress would inherit a squire's move/cast speed effectiveness, but she would keep her own +X speed and +Y cast speed stats. +100 Speed on a Squire is still slower than +100 Huntress speed.) - Increased maximum mana a player can hold (maybe 200%.) - Chests drop loot that have loot quality equal to Current Wave+5 for 1 or 2 waves. - 200% repair cost and speed,
  3. You bought items from a PayPal shop... LOL From the looks of his post, he went into Paypal shops and then turned their shop items into useless 0 stat items. So, he didn't buy items, but instead turned the items that other people would have purchased into garbage.
  4. On the bright side, Warping Core Part 2 is much more doable than Part 1 due to mobs actually coming out of spawns. I can see the concern though, and the way I ended up beating Warping Core 1 was by standing on top of the crystals and near the spawn doors so if a stray arrow came, my hero took the hit. I also had it set up so that I can use a DPS pet like a Unicorn or Animus to stand in the troublesome areas to kill the archers. As for better rewards, I have some 150-170^ Zamira Pieces from trying the new Hardcore option on the Warping Core pack for 7.20, so the rewards are looking decent (a
  5. No, it's totally random! Although: "Armor QUALITY" can have some effect on the stats, for example: Enchanted armors have the least possibility of having a negative stat and that doesn't mean it won't have a negative stat but it does have a low chance of having one. Followed by Blessed, then Lucky and Unlucky. "Cursed" asfaik is like armor level like Myth -> Godly -> Legendary and so on! To add to that, it is impossible for an "Enchanted" piece of armor to have any kind of negative resistances.
  6. I think I'd consider it a bug. The pets that you can get from the challenge have a sell value of 1776 as well, but upgrading them increases their value, unlike boxing gloves. One of these things is not working as intended!
  7. Backstabber is 80 damage per upgrade max. However, regarding the katana your friend had, it'd have to have been spawned with 5400 damage and have 250/250 ups to even reach a damage level that high (at 80 damage/up). I'm not so sure that katanas can even drop with a base damage value that high.
  8. Could you provide some screenshots with the gear you are using (or just type it up)? The question can't be answered well unless that's provided.
  9. Copyright As long as any content from Wikia remains on your site--even content that has been modified--please provide an attribution link to Wikia on every page that has been copied, even in part, in accord with the CC-BY-SA license. (See also Licensing[[1161,hashtags]]) Refusing to attribute the content to Wikia is copyright infringement. I hope this doesn't come across as adversarial. As one gamer to another, I appreciate the OP's desire to share information about a game he loves. That's the same reason I'm a contributor on the DD Wikia. It's my belief that working together will accompl
  10. -90% resistance in NM -Trendy gives an additional 10% resistance -People cry and want respecs -Respecs are allowed, but without a refund in mana. -Players respec to min/max -Trendy nerfs the resistance buff to 5% -More whining due to imperfect armor tl;dr Just deal with it, because it can change without notice
  11. Click the big box at the top (above campaign/challenge maps) that says "Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards" in purple.
  12. Insane ramparts is a good alternative for XP for that kind of gear level. The Ogre will only ever spawn from the south spawn point (with 1-2 players), so that's the only thing that needs to be reinforced.
  13. I think the DEW's discourage solo play a bit on Mixed Mode. They can come in from too many directions and plow through defenses easily, especially on a large map like this. 2 or more players can tend to walls more easily, but it's easy to get run over very quickly solo, even if your walls have 100k hp.
  14. Good luck keeping it up do date... Many of the patch notes I have looked at (and I gave up after a point) are riddled with inaccuracies, are missing information, and have a history of stealth changes. When the devs can't even keep track of their own changes...how will the user community do at documenting it? Perhaps in the future there will be more transparency and more documented changes. It'll take some work to manage what changes accurately, but with enough hands on deck, it shouldn't be a big problem. A lot of the stuff on the DD wikia is outdated simply due to locked pages as well,
  15. Bumping for justice! Let's get some more contributors rounded up! :)
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