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  1. Definitely the ball blaster for the giggles https://steamcommunity.com/id/thradoc/
  2. Definitely the mad slice and dice tug of war vs throne room goblin mech. https://steamcommunity.com/id/thradoc/
  3. But one quick question I couldnt find a answer to. Do ToT's cap at 700 with 800 overcap? Ive seen different videos and such with 800's on some. My one capped at 700 starting from 650.
  4. Im sure at some point Ill have enough practice but after 4 hours of trying, I got one ToT to my name. I will try these methods though. Thanks.
  5. Also when multiples of the same color are in a line, even if i stand on tile, it gives me negative 1 for each one. For coming back to play dd1 again, this sure is a frustrating, gimmicky mechanic.
  6. After discovering that it gives a reliably good pet, Ive been trying to complete it, but the ddr is so frustrating. I cant seem to get the timing right, Ive gone like 50 once, all the rest is 10ish. Any tips? When the square hits the top rows is when i need to be on correct color? Or can I get off it before that instant.
  7. Alrighty, sounds good. I tried that and no success, but I am reinstalling and trying again. Saw some other posts by veetoo and nova suggesting it. Here's to getting addicted again hopefully.
  8. Playing DD2 inspired me to start up DD1 again. Basically am seeing if I have stopped being burnt out of dd1 yet. Is lab still the way to farm for everything? And my emulator stopped working. Any good ones someone can link me? I think I was using a really old daniels emulator. "G" doesnt work for me.
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