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  1. A thing that could be done is that level requirement on items would stay for the first hero you level up only. This way you would still have to play to be able to use your gear but leveling a second character would be easier.
  2. All my heroes currently are around 600 iPWR and I wanna know how to get them to 700+ to do the NM4 levels. I have tried incursion but it is not that fast... Anything I dont know? Oh, and is there a fast way to earn tokens apart from doing daily missions? Thanks
  3. Update: i had two pieces of armor with hearty blockade, for a total of around 9% of my hero health. Still, 9% of 7k hero health doesnt make for 20k blockade health.
  4. I already had nothing that gave me hero health so i think this is not it. For the hearty blockade i dont know i will check it out. But like every single piece of equipment i changed lowered my defense health instead of increasing it.
  5. I have experienced a weird bug lately. My Squire lvl 50 is getting new better equipment to better my defense health. But instead of inscreasing it, it decreases it. At 1117 defense health in the stats, i get a blockade that is around 60k health. At 1159 defense health, my blockade is around 40k health. In the meantime, it is impossible/not enjoyable at all for me to play like this since easy levels are becoming harder. Also, i cannot get my old stuff back because i used it to upgrade my new armors. I do not have this problem with any other stat. Please help me, developpers! Thank you
  6. I would like another action button than X to pick up items or to talk to people, etc. because half of the time I just jump instead of picking up the item. Oh, and if I could suggest another thing, it would be nice to have quicker access to the repair/upgrade/sell buttons with the arrows on the left of the controller, or special attacks if not the tower options
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