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  1. Eh, I hopped on at prime time earlier, and found all of four public games playing. I'd say that Trendy's doing a wonderful job of quitting the game themselves.
  2. Witty one-liners like this actually deserve responses along the line of *snort*, but anyway... Read again, check the forum...it has been soloed already...couple of times even. This may lead to two conclusions: 1) The map is broken 2) the current item system is broken Pick your poison... This isn't a witty one liner. It's simply not meant to be soloed. People that are doing so are simply better geared then you.
  3. As others have mentioned, nerfing katanas is outright ridiculous, unless for some reason you really, really think that Squires are doing well in comparison to Huntresses. Hint: They're not. =/
  4. So yah we're working on a system for cosmetic character additions, hats, masks, and some other accessory types. Question: should we make them trade-able? -Jer Sure! But please make halloween and thanksgiving outfits for the gender-swapped characters, please?
  5. We're saving those cool unique-melee-weapon effects like that for upcoming weapon types -- but yeah, we're gonna play around with a direct proportional retroactive increase in damage for slower swinging weapons now :) -Jer Can a few weapons just get flat out increased in speed? Because chainswords and the hammers are just plain ridiculously bad, and though higher damage would help, it would still leave it taking forever for each swing. :(
  6. Very much this. Unintended results from a patch =/= legitimate balance hotfix. Considering how well they 'balance', this set of unintended results is likely the most love that huntress traps are going to get.
  7. In all fairness, they never promised they'd be free... But when people kept asking, they kept dodging it. Trendy may not have promised anything, but they kept waiting till the last damned minute to spring the bad news, which is a bit of a bad habit of theirs.
  8. I will never understand why some people are so desperate to insult others, people that they know nothing about, simply for the virtue of having different opinions on a matter. This has been pretty damned excessive on both sides of the issue, so could you pro and anti DLCers that keep going at one another's throats please simmer down a bit? Personally? I am beyond disappointed here. I'm not of the opinion that everything for this game needs to be free; if they'd come out with the eternia shards expansion right now, and it'd cost as much as the original game but had actual content, I'd be
  9. Just because the towers are the same, it doesn't mean they are the same characters. Have you bothered to read? This is a tower defense game. They don't have any changes whatsoever to their towers. It's reskins with new skills, and utterly atrocious animation/graphics for most.
  10. I'm convinced they wanted to keep it quiet until it was out. A pattern they've repeated quite a few times now. This is what I'm thinking, too. =/
  11. I love how everyone says "NOT GETTING IT" when most people will if the "unique rewards" are worth it. And if they're worth it, they'll naturally be nerfed into oblivion like the Wolf was.
  12. We can also tell them we are dissatisfied, WHILE doing that. They don't deserve to have pure adulation for their decisions here, and the opinions of those that are incensed are every bit as important as the voices of those that still adore Trendy.
  13. Given their ridiculous stance on DLC, bet that you'll get to have the privilege of spending 5$ to unlock the ability to get skins for the gender-swaps on the holiday maps.
  14. Hi H3xer1n, We'll definitely mention which DLC's will be Free and which DLC's will be Premium in advance, you are quite correct. Cost for Premium DLC's is often not determined or finalized until the last minute, but we'll certainly post that as soon as we've made a determination. As for the Electric Aura nerf, the damage could perhaps be put back to what it was -- though I think the DU change is worthwhile. What do other folks think about the damage change to Electric Aura? We still find them very very useful when fully upgraded and boosted for mad AOE coverage, worth their 5 DU's... Che
  15. Paid DLC will keep this company in business. It will either keep the company in business, or it will kill it. High quality paid DLC? Totally keeps the company in business. Reskins of heroes and new warping core maps being paid DLC? I'm not so sure that those will do anything to help Trendy.
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