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  1. I can barely seem to find people competent enough to do nm3, and almost always wind up falling back to my huntress to make up for horrible dps by towers/traps/other players. I would like to finish gearing my other characters, but I also don't like losing. It's a really pain... There are also downright leeches. I really think they should put an ipwr limit for joining certain endgame levels. Not extremely strict mind you more like a ipwr range, but having new people in lvl 38 gear immediately try to jump into nm3, is a burden.
  2. > be me, playing dd2 on nm3 throne room > spend all mana running around like crazy trying to keep things together > everything goes to hell around wave 5, people start complaining, walls are having to be rebuilt constantly > inevitably lose the game > Monk is blaming everyone else. > Ask everyone why they weren't repairing , turns out 3 of us were completely out of mana > Monk says "you guys are stupid, I have 1000, drops all his mana" > I pick it up, it's 1120. > Monk cusses everyone out so bad the chat censor is breaking > leaves. > We restart, win with no tr
  3. Custom weapon skins with crazy effects would be nice. It wouldn't affect anything but appearance so not giving in game advantage. Custom appearance for towers/walls/traps would also probably sell. Personally what I want to see is lower cost and more options for the customization options. Which I'm sure the character ones will come over time, I realize the game isn't even finished yet. The way I look at it the bag expansion is a in game advantage though...not a big one, but it does actually give you something over a normal player. Another thing... this doesn't have to do with making mon
  4. That's where I've gotten hung up on my solo'ing. It would be nice if I could get some team nm4 to break the barrier. The jump from 3 to 4 is really big though, at least it seems that way.
  5. Yeah playing in an area where you are actually going to get gear beneficial to you in single player mode results in almost nothing dropped. Yet if you take your nm4 geared toon and do a easy level in campaign mode so many purples and golds will drop it's ridiculous. The game seems to actually handle gear drop rates kind of in reverse, holding back what you actually need and showering you with stuff you don't.
  6. 2 more reinstalls of the game, a check of all my drivers and scans for malware/av, in addition to an hour wasted needlessly checking all my network settings. The game was working a few days ago, now I can't launch it. I guess it's just time I moved on there doesn't actually seem to a fix here. I've done everything I could. It was fun while it lasted.
  7. Been trying to troubleshoot this myself for approx. 2 days now. When I launch the game the launcher shows in task manager for a few seconds then just disappears. I've done a local file check in steam (found 1 file which it does EVERY TIME) and I've also completely reinstalled the game. It was working fine on this system before and no hardware or driver changes have been done in the intervening time. I'm not having trouble with any other games or software either.
  8. I don't really get this statement this is exactly what I'm not doing. I know tons of people that hit 50 then immediately start joining nm3 and 4 to gear up. I did proper progression and you call me a leech. There was never any reason to do otherwise other people were always insisting they do the building. The squire was actually my second character, made about the time my huntress was clearing nm1, he's still in relatively substandard gear simply because everything for him depends on hearty blockade which seems to be incredibly rare. My apprentice leveled up much easier than my squire has. T
  9. I don't really get this statement this is exactly what I'm not doing. I know tons of people that hit 50 then immediately start joining nm3 and 4 to gear up. I did proper progression and you call me a leech.
  10. I'll make this short and sweet, a long time ago I was in a closed beta for a game called apb (now known as apb reloaded) The complaining and whining on their beta forums over every little detail and their attempts to fix it literally broke the game. By the end an ak47 was completely useless at even point break range (nerfed to hell because everyone complained about being killed by it) while a crappy pistol ( the weakest weapon that no one complained about being overpowered) by the end was only second to a grenade launcher. By the end of that beta, the game was broken. The Devs really did
  11. So far as I understand it, provoke is duration related only. More power does not increase that duration, only item bonuses does.
  12. The charged shot sphere effectively doubled my huntress's dps. Even though the proc on it is a bit unreliable over the course of several seconds you will tend to fire off at least 2 or 3 of them with a 4/s bow.
  13. I had to rma the graphics card in my good machine, I'm currently unable to play fo4 until I get the replacement *sadface*
  14. When I was leveling my first character (a dps huntress) I had no problem with just jumping out there and finding other people to play with and relatively quickly progressed her to nm3 after hitting 50. Then slowly was able to get her a bit into nm4 before putting her on hold while I leveled other toons. That was all fun and good. Then I decided 'well I should make one of each class.' So I set out on that mission. At first things were fine, while just leveling the characters in freeplay on hard I always had other people to play with and the characters all made it to 50 in a relatively short t
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