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  1. Probably not the highest ever because of ***ty loot drops bla bla...but still hilarious c: On a side note, anyone know where to farm pet levels? So far, I only know about doing 7 wave maps and AFKing in Onslaught.
  2. Sorry, was doing an Incursion run. I've restarted and it seems to have fixed itself. A few hours ago the News page wouldn't even load. It was just stuck at "Loading News". My Daily Mission was also bugged and I didn't get a Daily for today, I submitted a support ticket about it. Might they be related?
  3. Yeah I hope they fix it for good. I can't get my Narwhagon today because of this :c
  4. Like the title states, I did not receive my Daily for today. The daily missions log is empty.
  5. what your daily? add me on steam:asafgb i will help you complete the hard dailyes :) just for the record: you can change 1 daily per day AND ONLY AT YOUR FIRST LOGIN (when you login on each day you can, after that if you choose no to change your cant untill tommorrow) I'm getting the same problem as OP. My daily missions are immediately completed when I log in, without doing anything. The second I log in, the "Quest Complete" notification just pops up. I still get my rewards but I cannot re-roll the daily to get as much tokens as possible.
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