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  1. Skill, it sounds like. Hero Deck QQ is a crutch. ---- Sorry, just dropping that in. These forums are otherwise pretty dead, got nothing else to say...
  2. *shivers* Gotta... rinse the Blizzard off of me, brb...
  3. But, you see... If you could change apples to just not have the stem in them, or not have such an inedible core...
  4. You're right. *leaves, and hopes the game survives by staying exactly how it is right now* You really had a stroke o' genius there, I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.
  5. Yup. Between Fallout 4 release, a regular Tuesday for League of Legends, and... then the fact that DD2 isn't a good enough game to keep someone like me playing it for longer than ~50 hours...
  6. What makes it worse for me is that I just came from being big into Skyforge. But it became insanely apparent there was no intentions to fix its many plaguing problems, and they were much more interested in pumping out monthly pay-to-win events that costed upwards of $60 each time. Makes me extra on-my-toes.
  7. There are plenty of games on Steam that have been in alpha/early access for years. I don't know how long it takes as long as they keep getting the core gameplay there. That doesn't make it Ok. This new fad of "early access" is really getting old. I've posted about this already. Companies just go full camp mode on Alpha/Beta, but sit there releasing content you have to pay for and say it's for "supporting development". That might work for a month or two, but going years and still calling yourself "early access" is insulting the intelligence of its players - but apparently, most players
  8. Court, are you really bashing a guy for not paying for an Alpha game? The OP is telling Trendy his opinions on the game, and letting them know they cause him to quit. Chances are these issues cause many other people to quit, unless you wanna argue he's the only one. Ultimately, the OP is supporting Trendy more by making this post than you are by throwing $100 into it. Just some food for thought before you go throwing more posts around.
  9. That definition bothers me, though. Because none of those qualities you gave are inherently "beyond the game". On the contrary, they are very much laid out by the game itself, due to its mechanics and numbers. I would only call tower placements a "meta" concept, by that definition. Since that's really the only determining factor that isn't determined by the game, but the human thoughts of the player. (Though a lot of people would argue that, too. Really, I'd say other games show better examples of a "beyond the game" definition.)
  10. This thread doesn't interest me, and I'm probably not going to read all these lengthy replies. But I have to respond to this guy right here. Fake laughs bother me. League doesn't have a leveling system to make players more experienced before jumping into ranked. They have the leveling system purely and simply because Riot wanted to be different from other Mobas, and at this point they see no real reason to remove it (though I disagree). There are other ways to keep people out of ranked games without creating a level requirement. And if they had the level system in the game in order to pre
  11. Loot beam fix and Betsy fix all in one go. Good patch!
  12. It's awkward to complain about people who come in and build nothing, as well as people who come in and build everything. It's saying you want a certain specific environment. I also feel like your post could be mostly used in an argument towards making the Hero Deck smaller in order to best serve the purpose you're claiming for it (making more than 1 person build the towers).
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