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  1. So i have been opening some boxes trying for something specific. Well needless to say i wasnt lucky and now i have a duplicate of something i already got. What exactly am i supposed to do with it? We cant seem to trade items in game, and it only sells for 10 gold. Is there something happening with this later down the line?
  2. ok i have 9 now so thats not so bad! Thanks for the hard work [[4370,users]] and everyone at the office! Game is really a lot of fun!
  3. Is this how its going to work or is something up here?
  4. i personally love not having speed anymore. I use the small spheres which keep my towers firing at 1.55s instead of 2 (yes it does make a difference). It makes the game a lot harder and makes you interact with the mobs instead of sitting afk. I hope they keep it this way.
  5. Second map is more rewarding than last one in hard mode and it's not all player that can do hard mode so most of player will just leech xp now that itempwr requierement is gone... think what you want. Well everyone complained and whined about the Ipwr cap now live with the consequences. Games are supposed to be challenging and take effort to do, not just face roll through everything. It's actually kind of sad what all these people are turning DD2 into. It's becoming an easy face roll game more and more. When this new patch landed it was hard and took effort, now its just getting more and mor
  6. Well, originally I assumed, from what I was reading on the forums, that the complaint players had was that leveling was too slow, not specifically that Betsy was too boring, and they wanted the same leveling speed spread to other maps. I think players also assumed that this patch would increase that speed. I'm just providing some context with numbers as to how the speed is compared to the previous patch. If you enjoy playing through the maps and don't mind your leveling speed, that's great, but for those who want to level up alternative characters as fast as possible, they'll just find it sl
  7. So because they didnt make it so you can power level from 1-50 in 2 days you guys cry about exp? At least it is worth running high level content now instead of constant betsy easy 238957238924 times to hit 50. What is the point of rushing to end game in 2 days to just be bored with it in a week? I dont understand you people. You cry about exp in the higher levels, they fix it, then you cry about not making a certain amount of exp in higher levels.....
  8. I hate it...You never get a chance to actually feel powerful and do silly things like clear a map with only one or two towers or something. Same problem Guild Wars 2 has, no matter how strong you are you downscale to fit the content of whatever zone you are in...Having good gear means you might get a 5% advantage or so over someone who is the appropriate level for the area. It seemed cool at first, but having everything "always be a challenge, all the time" got old pretty quickly when I just needed to hoof it from one end of a zone to another. Similar thing here. What if a friend wants me to h
  9. [[85340,users]] mind if i add that to my original post? i think that is an amazing idea as well.
  10. I am sure the rewards get a lot better the higher you make it through. Right now it will take really good gear and a dedicated group to get through it though.
  11. After last hotfix you cannot press G to end the game anymore.
  12. I have net just fine but it is not letting me connect to steam, anyone else?
  13. If that is your only option I guess you have to suck it up to a terrible internet provider. I get it for people that pay for mobile connection to have a limit. But for a PC user, damn I would not pay a dime if my connection was limited by X gigs. It's either you pay for a limit or you dont get internet at all. You cant get satellite internet without a cap on it. The only thing you can do is pay more per month for more gigs, and none of them are unlimited.
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