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  1. What is the limit for gold transfer? Since maxing out transcendent gear is 2.3b & weapons 4b + for each hero and gold on person please?
  2. In dd1 survival mode was 1 of the most funnest things in the game trying to beat 40 waves then getting a pet( i know pets on dd2 are introduced differently) but to replace the reward at the end. Now with shards you could maybe introduce shards for pets, a loot crate which contains items, random shards from chaos tiers or exclusive pet eggs. I hope adding survival is in your future plans for game modes for dd2. Hope you read this! Thanks
  3. DD1 40 wave survival for pets! please bring that back i know people say onslaught is the same but its really not! no good loot and the onslaught exclusive items are trash.
  4. When u start a map as a hero that isnt ev then switch you gain a 100 heat per round every round? maybe something to do with warm up round unsure.
  5. Few questions if someone has the time to answer these that would be great Towers A) Sand viper damage based from defense power ? B) Viper fangs damage is based on defense power? ~Poison damage from bubble is based from defense power or a percentage of defense health? C) Snaking sands radius can be increased? Hero A) Serpents kiss sphere has anyone tested? Worth to go hero damage/hero health? B) Fastest way to loose appeasement? (tempered anger sphere) C) High attack speed and multiple projectile dps weapon better than slow and single projectile? Overall is crit worth it with a mystic builder? Thanks in advance :-)
  6. -Im not complaining but i can quite clearly see its a bug.  -If you switch to the at start of game the Ev will gain 100 heat at start of each round (playing harbringer) -No player heal at end of rounds
  7. Hey Just wondering what time trendy patch? waiting for the campaign & mystic patch tomorrow (27th) Im BST time (UK) Any information on this would be great Thanks
  8. They need to remove from game or nerf and make it available to everyone(and all other monthly pets up for grabs as well). i agree with this:
  9. Hi Trendy! Id like to see a pack with all the maps from DD1(like the inventory pack ect..) i know your polling some and remaking but the originals were great to play. other things id like to see back: survival (40 waves+pet reward) Assault
  10. Love the update but how will this update affect our current gear? Also while we on the topic of loot is it possible to make(have?) a hotkey so u can hide the loot(beams) because they get very annoying when trying to build and u have loot in your face when lanes change and you need to rebuild.
  11. When in game most of the time its shows peoples traps as being 30%(max) on the stat info when they shouldn't be. Other that i have played with noticed that aswell when they had 30% i had the legit number(13%). Also stat info for peoples frost towers i see them showing range as 2900(default) when they should be higher from item, sphere ect... but sometimes shows.
  12. After you did 8.3 steam update i still cant see dailies. i got it first time i logged in after update but not had the next daily show. Please anyone else getting this problem? Update 05/11/2015- Daily worked. 06/11/2015- Daily worked. 07/11/2015- No Daily.
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