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  1. Problem with cannonball is that they have half the range (or even 1/3) of a ballista. Ballista can shoot 3 piercing arrow (with explosions if you have splody harpoon and extra damage if you have black arrow) before cannonball shot. Let me know how things go though !
  2. hey, thanks ! You can also have hearty blockade on shield (see google sheet). So there is 6 piece of gear with 5% = 30%. The 23% threshold is for your full health. I don't know how to explain my point clearly (even in my own language). After 100 point spent in Hero Health, you will get 4 HP per point, so if you have the choice between 1 Defense health and 1 Hero health, if you have 23% Hearty blockade you will get 4*0.23=0.92 Defense health. if you have 26% hearty blockade you will get 4*0.26=1.04. That's why i talk about 26% and not 23%, it's easier to choose between two (non optimal) item
  3. Thanks ! My waller can handle NM2, my hero (i am the wall) can handle NM3 with some trouble and One man army can handle Insane since it's my last squire and i don't get much stuff yet. I don't know if a "pure cannonball build" works but considering the passives you can get for them (chance to stun etc), they are more a "support tower". Ballistas have many spheres/passives who give them range,speed,damages and they are multi target. IMO with cannonball, your wall will face a big pack of mobs while your cannonball will kill one by one. But like i said, i never tried a spec like that, could be m
  4. Hi there ! just wanted to share a guide that I wrote on steam How to play full squire Leave a comment ! thanks
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