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  1. you guys are all forgetting about the shards as well. While some here argue about alternative "fun" builds to beat c5 "easily and without walls" which include up to 4 deadly strike shards, there are people (luckily not me) which are at 200+ ascension levels just from farming c1 without ever getting one.

    same goes for the vampiric empowerment + rate shards, which are even more important in c5.

    but i guess those people need to watch some video guides from people who have full c5 gear and all possible shards and git gud.

  2. you can use abyss knight on them as well, but positioning them correctly behind them is a bit tricky. It does much more dmg than right click spam if you're in ability power gear and especially with the 40% abyss knight dmg shard.

    on monks i generally found his ranged attack to be better dps so far, but i might use it wrong or am missing the right shards, and also the right gear (i got crane stance though and was able to onehit rollers on c1-c2 a few times with it in crap gear and a poisonous tips pet)

    is there any chance to get this infamous dragolich pet again at some point?

  3. you NEED any tower that stuns them for you, all the heroes or pets aoe stuns wont work reliably because you cant use them while they're on you, and if you use them right before when you see the animation, you only hit 1-2 of them, right before the next 1-2 arrive and stun you right after. snaking sands, geysir trap or some blockades with stun-chance work well for that.

    Then you also need a possibility to stun them to death with your hero, pole smash, abyss knight ect, otherwise they disappear and heal back full.

    And last you need enough hero dps to kill them before they disappear/heal full or before you run out of mana to keep them stunned, because sadly, most towers wont hit them even if theyre standing in range.

    i had the same problem once in wave 1 of a c5 map with only 4 assassins left, i made the mistake to quickly switch to my builder-apprentice because i just wanted to try out tornado, but for some weird reason it would NOT let me switch back to any other hero after that...

  4. @ram1024 quote:

    so shards still exist in the game to make it playable like it was before everything got removed?

    like poison dart tower HP so they can be used as walls, lightning aura on monk so it actually does damage instead of tickle, balista range so it is actually useful...

    eh, not everything of that, the special effects we had on all the spheres as well as all the special legendary weapon effects are all available again in the form of shards.

    for example: the PDT death-explosion from the old toxic shock legendary bow is available as a shard (from C4 i think), but its now based on DP, not DH. and theres basically no use in stacking health on a pdt now, as it would also scale much worse than the actual blockade towers.

    that said, the "hearty blockade" stat/bonus does NOT exist anymore, all blockades from all classes now have pretty much the same (very high) DH scaling now, they just differ in their additional effects. The upside is you just need 1 good DH-relic now and a defense health shard to get the best possible walls.

    monks lightning aura has been replaced with a fire aura, his "new" lightning aura is now the old lightning strikes aura (if you had the uber sphere) for single targets. Some other towers also got some changes. And tower range is currently an issue again (they dont increase by lvling up), but there are ways to work around it.

  5. @Slauter24 quote:Yes but that takes 1. A dps summoner which alot dont like. 2. Alot of mana thats needed to clear adds or that wall will fall under the wave of adds allready attacking it

    what? AL is pretty much one of the top dps classes, his single target/boss damage lacks behind others but an AL with full warlock gear (or any gear with ability power) can hold a complete lane even without towers easily by just spamming knight of the abyss and regen mana with primary attack.

    with 20% increased knight of the abyss range (ascension lvls), a glove-shard that increases its damage by 40% as well as shards for reduced cost and lowered cooldowns i can reach up to 500k dps with just the knight alone, and thats in a huge aoe radius AND it also stuns enemies.

    and for those single targets / bosses where his damage lacks and his manaregen doesnt work well anymore, thats when you use your mana to boost your orcs.

  6. There is a shard for 30% chance for a 3 sec stun per hit on blockades. The orcs are almost the only ones benefiting from it (i tested it on the squire blockades and they dont seem to trigger it), and another shard that gives (i believe, havent maxed it yet) around 5 seconds longer duration on the orcs direct command.

    those shards make the orcs practically permastun an enemy for about 15 seconds with the command, while at the same time dealing massive damage.

  7. @kingoftime2013 quote:

    I also feel like the range points should give more range

    spending 50 ascension points on range should give a huge increase

    not only because you lose def power but also because you need to get level 150 to put 50 points there and reaching level 150 takes very long so you should get high reward

    you forgot to mention that you also need 75 points into tower dp to make up for the dp loss, so you need 125 points in total and a minimum ascension level of 224

    [[29453,users]] where did you get this info about the towers range scalar from? im also intrested in f.e. cannonballs and ballistas.

  8. @kingoftime2013 quote:

    its just too hard to get an item with 2-3 shard spots+ 60 upgrade cap+ the stats you want

    if you get an item with only 1-2 of these requirements its garbage (99% of items)

    mythical + leg. items should always have the max number of shard slots, thats not random from what ive seen (2 for weapons + armor, 3 for relics), blue items have 1 slot less and greens have 0-1 slots.

    you really should be only looking at mythical/legendary items anyway, and if they have 60 upgrade levels or not, the main & primary stats on them might not be the ones you're currently looking for, but that doesn't mean its useless, you might be able to use it on another hero since almost all stat combinations have some use for certain builds. The primary/secondary stat combinations on relics arent even completely random anymore, they always come in the same variations of which most can be used for certain builds.

  9. man, i've hit ascension level 47 with still mostly old nm4 gear fully upgraded and my other 2-3 unused heroes in my deck have been sitting there mostly naked or with trash loot and i have been wondering why the loot in c1-c3 has been total trash and ranging widely in ipwr.

    from what ive read about this so far, i HAVE to downgrade myself, removing old nm4 gear with worse unupgraded c3 drops, and i also have to remove my other naked chars from my deck to get better loot?

    also some people say the item upgrade levels don't count in towards your loot calculations, some say it does, which is it? I would like to know if i have to waste millions into upgrading gear which is worse or equal to what i already had.

  10. @ShadowBerry quote:

    As a former semi-hardcore WoW raider, I kind of see the "use best possible towers only to progress" a feasible thing to do. 

    You don't see top raid guilds using *** comps to rais, they actually level alts and gear them to progress further as the meta unveils. 

    I don't really mind the current system. If you want to be at the end-game, prepare to make sacrifices and to use whatever is good, instead of what you'd prefer yourself. 

    there was a time in wow where there was only 1 viable tank class, and every hybrid class was only viable as a healer, even some of the pure dps classes were merely tolerated in endgame raids for some of their utilities they brought, but generally, dps slots were filled with the top 3-4 dps classes.

    And that was ***, it wasn't good game design especially considering how long it took in vanilla to lvl up and gear a new character.

    Introducing new mechanics in a game which force players to rethink strategies and add in more variety are a good thing. But Introducing mechanics which render large parts of the classes, towers or strategys useless is BAD.

  11. i just started playing this again after long break as i liked several of the latest changes like the gear-shards, paragon-like leveling system ect. I love that i can finally equip 1 hero to do dps, build walls AND dp towers all on one char.

    i had several lvl 50's with decent nm3/nm4 gear, but sadly with the removal of all spheres, ubers, legendary item skill-addons ect. pretty much most/all old build tactics became obsolete. It was said that we could get some sort of compensation to start right away with the new item shard system for our lost old skill spheres ect. But what i got was around 13m of gold (i assume it's quiet alot, as i had almost all spheres for all original classes) and a bunch of what seems to be "starter" shards which only give slight to medium stat boosts, but no new effects.

    I managed to complete some chaos 1 maps pretty easy solo, but the drops there seem horrible and the only working tactics i found so far are building walls and doing most damage with my heroes, as most projectile towers don't seem to work anymore due to those shield-goblins. Also for some reason, dps'ing on either a squire or better even my abyss lord seems to be much more efficient and faster than a huntress now due to their huge attack aoe radius.

    my best dh relict i have currently after upgrading them to max is at ~4500 health, and my best dp relic at around 4.1k dp. I get around 900k blockade health (1.1m on the orc warrior) and around 11-12k dps on lvl 0 towers. How does that roughly translate to current itemlvls and which difficulty should i be farming with that and how?

  12. i googled a while around this only to find out this has been bugged about half a year ago, but seemingly still wasnt fixed, or the fix didnt work for me.

    i have exactly 170 shellium shards (2 stacks at 98 and 72) and im stuck at this amount since half a year ago, (i dont count all the eggs i've let rot since, but i should probably be at around 300-400 shards by now at least). Moving the stacks around in my bags or clicking/double clicking them as suggested does nothing.

  13. invest all your gold and time into gearing up a frost-tower apprentice (buy ALL the spheres for frost tower and try to get as much gear as possible with +frosty power, +snowstorm as well as a lot of defense power) altho if u use squire and/or apprentice towers then you can ignore frosty power for now and just go for the increased chill.

    frost towers do the trick everywhere in end game, nm 3-4 is absolutely unbeatable without them. even anti-air becomes useless at that point because a few frosttowers, which dont even need any upgrade, do their job way better since freeze means instant death to fliers (anti-air arent able to kill fliers quick enough in nm 4, no matter how much dp)

    dont hesitate to put 2 or even 3 of them on EACH lane, trust me.

  14. thats not quiet true, the heavy cannonball at max range does about almost EQUAL the dmg of a regular cannonball per hit, although with a way slower attack speed resulting in about estimated 50% of the regular cannonballs dps.

    therefore it gets the huge range and as mentioned very marginal aoe dmg, its still terrible tho.

    imho they should just change it to be as it was in dd1, change the balls physics A LOT and make them able to bounce a few times from enemies and walls, so they are able to hit multiple times per shot each. This would make them actually useful in certain lanes and also fun to experiment with.

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