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  1. Would you guys still look for other secrets since the map is back? Has the Devs confirmed that every secret has been found?
  2. Well... I haven't done the steps there. In my opinion, I don't need to do that since when i'm on another server I could connect fast. I'll check later if the problem persist. Thanks for the reply :)
  3. Didn't knew there was a sub forum for this :)
  4. video link from Spooky Secret Discovered
  5. And the discovery were found minutes before the maps closed xD
  6. I'm getting a connection time out when i'm playing on my nearest region. I can't basically play on my region at the moment :(
  7. There's no special reward but it let us know that we have a new option to spawn the haunted heroes without opening chest. :D
  8. I was gonna try the map... then poof server reset.. :| ohh well... I hope you guys have really found it :D
  9. are you on different classes?
  10. Which are the event elements? Chests? Trikk? Treet?
  11. the secret was hinted at the dev stream which dev stream are they talking?
  12. Only thing that's unusual was that he keeps on going above the holy artifact.
  13. Now I need to also know the spooky projectiles on staff. All my data are from bow projectiles only at the moment
  14. 4 on 6 could be 4 playes versus 6 miniboss (Trikk, Treek, 4 Spooky)
  15. Is this the first time dd2 had a secret event?
  16. Is 0 gold items a bug? it might be part of the puzzle
  17. is the strike-through intended? xD
  18. If you check the item it should say 2/s 5 on bow and 2/s 6 on staff, if your statement is right. Mind making a screen shot for the Spooky VI difference? I don't know for Spooky II but for Spooky I, III & IV it gives me straight shots.
  19. Can you update the wiki page so that it'll show how many stats it gives before and after the soft cap?
  20. Can I help on wiki? If yes, who to contact or what should I do?
  21. I have almost have complete data on it the only thing left is Spooky II. Spooky V has only 4 projectiles that fires like spooky VI without the lowest point. Nope, from Spooky I & IV they aren't on V shape. :)
  22. Azeru

    Item Locking

    I wish there will be an option to lock/unlock an item. What will it do: locking an item means you cannot sell it Benefits of this option: You can lock your favorite itemsYou won't mistakenly sell your needed itemsEasier to sell stuff
  23. I think you mistook my question. It's the projectiles types of staff/bow that i'm looking for
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