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  1. I used to have an issue like 6 months ago were the game instantly crashed as soon as i tried hosting my own games. Adding "-tcp" to the launch options (in steam, not the game launcher) fixed this issue for me. However as of this morning I have been unable to host my own games again. This time with the same result as the other people here, "failed to create game". I managed to fix this however by removing the "-tcp" launch option I added all those months ago actually fixed this issue for me... No clue of why, but it works now...
  2. Ever since 7.16 I get this on ALL maps whenever the host does a map restart rather than going to tavern or we select "next map". Does not matter if it's a challange or a campaign map I get this every time and it is starting to get really annoying.
  3. Whats with the UMF discussion? Seriously people should be temp-banned for hijacking topics like that... Back on topic: I beat the holiday boss with my hunter (v 7.14a) and recieved the snowball launcher. Exited the game to do other stuff. Came back an hour later and the launcher was gone. Not a big deal since i just did the map on normal to see what was to expect before trying it on higher difficulties but i'd probably be quite pissed it it was a drop from insane or higher... Sometimes I wonder what goes on at the TE office.. They manage to do this every time. Non-saving special rewards
  4. I have this issue aswell. I have beat the halloween map on hard multiple times (3+ times as huntress & 1 time as apprentice) but so far only the vampire costume for apprentice has been unlocked. In the tavern it displays three of the four difficulty ribbons for the map as it should. This is me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/igulfast
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