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    For a hero suggestion: i whould personaly like if having a hero who evolves throught the maps.. Stars weak and ends strong at round 5.. making him a good char to play throught map with and not switching him in at some points for his skills like we do with so many heroes.. He should evolve like collecting essence and after a certen amount grow.. making his hero stats stronger (more health, more dmg, ap, and maybe even some passive added) And for his towers adding some twist of selecting bonuses after they reachet a certen amount of kills.. like 10 kills, Bonus Hp or Bonus dmg.. 50 kills bonus
  2. Hej there.. I have a suggestion about let us Costimate the design of the background in the bag.. like making a Dryad face on the Slots, and make it visible even with the items over it.. to show these items are for that particular hero.. That way it makes it even more possible to safe items for a certen hero..
  3. Shards where a good thing for DD2.. And since we have shards that are Hero restricted, why not make shards that are Defense restricted. Make a picture of the defence that the shard works on, like with the hero faces, Megarock shard, (lavamancer picture, Volcano picture) that way the player knows it only works for that defence and its more visual.. Spike blockade shard (a Picture of all blockades that it whould work on) A suggeston to make it more look like.. Best regards MrDrako
  4. Is it just me or have other players had the same problems.. Sometimes when the geode has ben stunned and the shield then reapear it killed me, or when i jumpe into the shield.. idk the cause but i defenetly know it was the geode..
  5. I have had that idear since early in this game now.. and never done anything to anounce it.. but here it comes.. If u press E on a tower it shows that towers range.. But when wolking away from that tower or looking in another direction turns it off.. Plzz make it that it stays on until u press the E button again.. so it is easyer to inspect the playing field with those high ranged towers that are in the game at this point.. :) it whould help all players to be able to look around with a single towers range isntead of using TAB to see all towers range.. :) and sometimes gets confuse with all t
  6. We have had the shard update for some time now.. and here are som changes i whould suggest.. 1st remove the chance tog et a campaign shard within the chaos tier shards. Like this: Chaos 1 Normal maps: 1 chaos 1 shard + 1 Campaign shard Trials: 1-2 chaos shards + 1 Random Campaign/Chaos 1 shard Chaos 2 Normal maps: 1 Chaos 2 shard + 1 Random Campaign/Chaos 1 shard Trials: 1-2 Chaos 2 shards + 1 Random Chaos 1,2 or campaign shard Random shard drops : have a smaller % chance tog get the shard of the tier map u are on, and a higher on the Tiers below (5% Chaos 2, 20% Chaos 1, 75% Campaing)
  7. I agree having the shard book.. And still having a to farm them, so no need for 1 shard unlimited use.. but limit it.. :) Suggestion The amount of shards that can be in the book should scale of the amount of hero slots.. 1 used shard is stil registered inside the book and takes up 1 space.. (say u have 5 heroes, 1 hero is using health shard, and u have 2 in bag, the bag shows u have 3 shards at total but 2 u can use) that way u have a good view of what shards u got and u dont have a size able amount. once a shard is filled up, that shard stops dropping increasing the possibility of getting b
  8. they sad they had allready some idears for heroes and that there whould be several heroes.. just came up with something cause i watched a show and thought about it.. :)
  9. Place your idears or comments for one another. of idears for new heroes.. i'll start with: The Ninja The ninja is a range shuriken, mele katana fighter. his abilities shuld be: 1 - Smoke granade - The ninja gets invisible and has a increased crit chance for the first target he stabs, also the smoke causes foes to target one another for a few seconds. 2 - Slash - The Ninja dashes towards the aim and deals 3 hits to a single target. 3 - Shuriken barrage - The Ninja casts a row of shuriken piercing 3 foes. 4 - Meditation - The ninja is unable to move while he meditate, Healing the ninja and incr
  10. i whould suggest making several minibosses some even map based.. so that they only apear on certen maps. Else make some Boss that when killed in your game, he spawn in another game randomly that is hostet from another player (same difficoulty) like " i could not win here, now i try another player" so that way he could even appear in every wave that is played depending on the amount of maps playing.. Else i like the siege roller, its neat, not too op not too weak, but again shakes stuff up. I like the idear of: A Wyvern boss A boost boss/minion (both a boss that boosts more, and a minion t
  11. have i just heard wrong. or was the tree suppose to give gifts every day? if it is the case, then the tree doesnt work, since no gift is gained.. i have atleast tryed since the new update came out, and no success..
  12. My Suggestions of bringing Live and Difficoulty back to DD2. I have thought about making some smaller map Challenges myself, Not using Pdt on map, And some other most used towers. But there is still something missing since its still sometimes 2 easy. Well thats where my idear comes into place: Create a new Defence Category like Onslopught and incursion, just call it challenge. What it does: Generating a Certen map, eather Played Select or Random Selected. (Random Selected Generates more Xp or Gold) Then there comes Challenges inside the map not knowing before entering the map Here units, tow
  13. After i have accidenticaly sold all my pet stuff, i dont get any rotten eggs anymore. not even when eggs whent to 0. can anyone help ore come with suggestions why it happens.
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