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  1. so Starweaver has some good points. now how a good build monk is supposed to do is have his serenity aruas with his lightning aruas. and you stand there buying time while your aruas do the work. right now the only way for a monk to solo in my opinion is for him to get the added stat that slows enemies that are in his serenity arua. so that you lighting has more time to do more damage. the problem there is that that stat is only on one type of item.(I.E. the relic that gives a ton of defense Health.) meaning less damage from your lightning auras. and a wall holds them for longer. now one thing about the dps monk. he seems to be more focused on a play style of just grabing points in health ap and ad. allowing him to push any lane. his heal is some what lacking as you do get a damage boost,but I dont think you get a defense boost. so you heal yourself just to die to enemies....A good way to fix this is to have the heal give temporary damage reduction. of like (10% +0.5% for every 100 ad you have, and 0.5% for every 50 ap). that would mean that at lvl 50 with nm1-2 gear you could have 60% damage reduction for a period of time.and if we gave that bonus to based on your gear to nearby allies. boss fights would wipe out the whole team with a single ground slam. I do agree with Starweaver in that monks are agile, but this is more of a mystic monk than an assassin monk. meaning a difference in how the monk is trained to fight. heals heal is however under par and could use more health healed for the amount of mana burned. the force Push is what I like about the monk but find it to be needing more of something like a slot sphere that drenchs each enemy that is hit by the force push. call it rain storm or something.
  2. I got this stand back and be amazed....magic! Ahh!... IN game name: FoxBlood Favorite Hero: Monk other games you play: LOL, Robocraft, Tera, Neverwinter Knights(not online), Don't Starve together, Besiege, Smite, duck-duck-goose, tag, hide-no seeking, ninja ambush. favorite way to travel: I don't walk I climb.
  3. does anyone know if there are plans to make the entrances to the maps. (I.E. creature spawn points) wider? I mean I once had two bosses spawn in the same entrance and get stuck because there so big and that door has enough trouble fitting one of them through it. I feel the big bad bosses need some love on that end of the spectrum. there the boss that means everything should be made accommodate them not the their underlings. one last question is there a hidden fear aspect to the monsters where if they are the last one they start to run away in fear? I've been seeing monsters do this for quiet some time now. just wondering on that one.
  4. so really the only good option for the monk right now is to go build type as this will offer him the most damage. I feel that one thing that is inhibiting the monk is a lack for good uber slot orbs. Monk is my main and I love him do to his sustain, but he needs to be more than just the guy standing on a healing pad knock things up for his sky guard to hit. he has great wave clear for small targets but he has no reall way to handle the bigger beefier targets as he has no way to get them to stand in one place. It would be nice if they made an uber or large slot that made his lightning auras slow targets or greatly increased the attack rate. this would increase his damage and his wave clear by a lot.
  5. So I have be playing for around 13 days now. I ended up not liking the way the keys were bound and changed some of the key in the process I seem to have unbound my J key for quest board. I have no way of restoring the keys to default. the default button does not affect controls so I cant get my J key to work..... I can live with this for a while, but why would you have a key that is used but not be show in the controls.
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