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  1. currently onslaught normal lvl 13 what kinda egg/pet do u get from lvl 15? does the difficulty depend on the reolls of a pet? whats the easiest map to solo on nm4? what are the stats im aiming for on my 4 chars to max on gear?
  2. anyone up for nm4 farming? add me for 3 days straight i only get games where we get crapd on in the first round
  3. got my monthly quest done soon what uber should i buy first with the tokens?
  4. what do u get from evolving eggs before hatching them? i dont see any other thing i could spend the 225 gems on
  5. my first 50 char is a monk any i want to fill my others :) but monk isnt the best for powerleveling... any tipps?
  6. tried everything they didnt show up anywhere yet when i tried to evolve my pet i had them didnt evolve double checked everything didnt find them anyway
  7. so dissapointed...had 20 eggs for 48 h and in the end what did i get? yeah right jack*** how to get shellium shards if not by rotten eggs? i got 2 shards but dont dare to ask me how i got em i dunno
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