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  1. Yeah there is always things like that. someone will figure out the best combo lol i can do it on my squire decently but not decently enough lol
  2. Oh i know there dps isn't really there but thats what im saying i want way more from them. I Main a squire so far and i use them for everything but when i join a group with people they have me do one or two things when i could solo that place lol
  3. I would love to get some feedback or start a discussion just to hear everyone's opinion.
  4. Now I love the monk, in DD1 and DD2, But i feel like in DD2 as it stands they are lacking a bit. one thing that i would love is not only for there melee attacks to change but also there ranged. One of the best parts of playing a DPS monk was being able to shoot a ridiculous amount of orbs at enemies. It felt amazing getting a new weapon and trying out both the different types of attacks not just one. I feel that their towers a lacking a bit too. I do like them but there seems to only be one or two ways to play a monk and thats as a supporting role or a dps. When they support they're mainly on
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