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  1. Hello, how do stats scale towers currently? I havnt played in a few patches, and all my pets got reset, as well as the stats on all my items. I noticed that pets no longer have range, power, or any tower related stats. I am asuming towers still scale with stats, but in a different way than previous?
  2. very informative thread, but what does the clock on swords refer to? Is higher or lower % better or worse.
  3. How much additional damage from fire do they take when they get ignited. Is it flat number or a percentage? And how much is it? Same question for water traps + monk lightning?
  4. I grew tired of the same cookie cutter of mines and want to try out other things. did they fix the oil on target hit bug to be working as of 12/3/2015? I encountered this on the forum:
  5. This may be outside of the current engine of the game, so feel free to take this with a grain of salt but it would be mad fun to play: I propose a pvp battle mode that gives each team of 2(assuming 4 players are the max possible per map) a crystal to protect from the opposing team. The towers would fire on enemy players and random mobs would also come out of the gates and attack both teams crystals to keep the pressure on. I'd play this indendefibitly even if there was no other reason but mad fun
  6. I think it would be awesome if there was white chest that had a chance to drop special unique items that only came from these chests. But most of the time like over 95% of the time they just drop nothing but a troll message like good job! And no loot, not even a geen item.
  7. I have never gotten 3 each day, But they stack up to 3 if you dont complete them for 3 days. If you are gone for 3 days in other words, youll probably see 3 on there.
  8. For some reason my serenity staff for my monk disappeared along with my narwal pet, since I need it for my build, is there a way to farm one?
  9. Thanks accidental potion, the speed on the staff is +76
  10. for my frost mage, is it worth it using a frostfire staff that did NOT spawn with defense power, or just use a dp staff?
  11. I would like to point out that I am a newb, I started playing this game only in late october. I cannot do much in nightmare at all. Why mention this? the date is 11/11/2015 and I already got the narwhal. I am not bragging, just saying all you need is a few dailies and your done.
  12. Which is the best thing to go with when spending the wyvern tokens, I think I managed to save enough to buy one. I love my apprentice towers but I heard flamethrower is the worst one of all, Which ones are the best buys?
  13. I would like to know this too, I also heard there were special holoween weapons? Are those still available?
  14. I would love to see a feature over someones name besides the usual add freind and kick option, that says block. This feature would ensure the matchmaking never places you in the same public game with that person again. about 30% of the community seems to be great people who are a pleasure to play with, but I really dont like running into the rest.
  15. I am on pc, I guess I will re reroll :( Will re rerolling put the new stat on a higher tier role because of the pets affection lvl, like, will it be like 50-105 now or will it be gimped and be 1-50?
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