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  1. Well it's hard to say with the information that was provided. Best thing to do is to post the stats that your aura monk has. May also be helpful to know the number of upgrades on the armor as well but not required. Depending on what those stats are would really direct where you would want to spend the points upgrading.
  2. probably the easiest way of doing this would be to use the DDK to generate an item with x stats and rest aren't on it and then equipping it.
  3. My only concern with doing the original maps is those aren't the ones with the major imbalances it's usually the shard maps that are giving the biggest issues. At least that's what I've noticed.
  4. A.) You have to make a copy of every map you make changes to and put them in your TC maps forlder (Under content) Then you have to go and redo the Tavern's Kismet Map List setup to reference those maps instead of the default maps. Might prove to be troublesome to do since there is a lot of secure scripting going on in the Tavern's setup. That being the case, you might have to make your own setup for it. But this presents another problem, you're going to have to find a way to do it so that people are not getting paid DLC content for free. So if you do make changes to maps it has to be purely through unreal script, or you have to create new custom rewards that mirror the ones you're trying to fix. Wonder if trendy would be able to assist on something like that to be able to make it a little easier. I know they are working on their "new project" however dd is still getting supported just not updated like it used to.
  5. Random thought, would it be possible to also fix the quality of loot from chests, nothing says welcome to nm then seeing an amazing item drop from a chest on like wave 20 of nm hc mm. I by all means don't want ults every time but there should atleast be a minimum quality chest drop.
  6. Are there any plans on addressing the quality of the loot that drops? I understand RNG is RNG however there should be some limitations on what kind of RNG from each stage can be present. loot between ranges x - y on this stage and next stage is y - z. If there aren't plans on addressing it I would like to see both a solo and group (2-4) members of trendy staff / community to start new characters to progress through the game without using any shops or outside sources of help. Also please continue patching and addressing customers concerns and posting them. It seems all the staff just disappeared. Thanks Edit: Also please add the ability for jesters to turn the angle of upgraded towers / walls. Nothing like moving a wall that was moved and have it angled bad and end up having to just rebuild it anyway.
  7. a lot of players will lose their rag and quit equally a lot of players quitting due to the number of hackers/playing private games only in corners/ that want to buy equip for mana but cant, because nobody is going to sell for mana when they can sell for $ / players who will join the game due to a reset where they can play a fun game that is cheat-free etc etc might sign themselves up. less drastically, could just make a new "ranked", rename current ranked to "RANKEDOPEN" (or something equally silly) and let everyone keep their chars or whatever, allowing people to start new ones on ranked if they want to etc That would be the exact same as exporting to open and resetting ranked. Also making another ranked like I stated before would just split the already small amount of games and economy. The problems is with making a game no matter what you people are gonna cry over it. Also the reason that the game may be not as exciting is because you have 575 hours in it. Honestly it's not that. I really do like this game and I have a lot of fun with it. Most of the time I spend helping others while waiting for new content and what not.
  8. [QUOTE]Nice that you spend over 500+ hours in this game... Whats wrong with you? Don't you have to work or go to school or maybe spend some time with your family and friends?[/QUOTE] First off, I started playing when the game came out. So 500 hours over several months really isn't that much. Also you have to consider that afk shops also up your played time as well when you aren't even playing. So say you host an afk shop from when you go to sleep and while you are at work there would be an easy 16 hours or while doing other things. It can add up quick. as ihearthawthats said. it's a very closed minded post. Thanks ihearthawthats :) Right, and then out of say an ESTIMATED 200,000 players, each person having an average of TWO characters, fully equipped, not to mention items in the players Item box..., you will be banning legit players all too soon. Now justify your logic please. I think you need to go back and reread the post. If the person knew they were using a hacked item which would be easy to tell. then I'm sorry they shouldn't be playing in the first place. Plus trendy has stated that they can be contacted in a case of a false ban. most of the time people know when it's a hacked item. If it's to good to be true then it's probably hacked. On top of that it wouldn't be as much of an issue since the players would actually be able to progress in the game instead of how it's setup now. Also with everything being reset a lot of that wouldn't be an issue. main point is trendy needs to do something to fix not only the game but economy. The whole setup that is in place now for reporting hackers is very poor and time consuming. It also is allowing people who want to play with others legit and enjoy the game to the fullest experience (both solo and multiplayer) should be able to without having to worry about the hacking.
  9. what we really need todo is lower weapons and armour down to max 20^ cap sats at 300 max, the max dps on weapon to 1k, and lets also set the hard mana cap at 1k. I mean hackers keep abuseing this stuff we should lower this so they cant take advantage of the game any more. I dont know about you guys but im tierd of hackers doing stuff that doesnt effect me and has no impact on me enjoying the game. That's pretty much why I made a thread about resetting and limiting the stats on all the items and giving them a unique ID. If you want to post any comments or anything with it here is the link to it. Dungeon Defender Reset
  10. It's better to use squire towers at this point. they do a ton more dmg. App towers got hit hard. Mainly just need mm towers for anti spiders or could use bumpers but either way
  11. I tried to make it as easy as possible heh, could also possibly switch some of the spike walls out for magic walls to free up more units if you have the HP for walls then be able to build some extra towers also
  12. I haven't actually tested this lay out but I would probably do something like this http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=17824 The reason the units aren't capped is to be able to build extra towers to help defend more, like ogres with spike walls so balls can hit longer also enrage auras are great for mob blockage for ogres, Not sure how much they are effected after the patch but they have always been really helpful on NM
  13. Also to eliminate any chance of hackers and USD sales. I would try to include in the game itself a report button. It takes a snapshot of the character, game name, and steam ID being reported sends it to you guys to be reviewed. A lot more would be reported that way instead of having people try to post on the forums. Also would give you as a development team a chance to setup a list of possible items with stats ranging and each item having a unique ID associated with it. So if player x changes the stats on item a. It can then just be looked into the datebase and easily be banned that way. Just wanted to point out that yes hackers would try to hack the game but if trendy makes an item database along with like say 500 - 1000 items from a preset item table (for each item type) with a unique ID. Any hacked items would be easy to look up and then the person banned.
  14. You totally miss the point of server reset. Exactly! thank you! :demon:
  15. it would be just for squires since barbs have no way of blocking
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