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  1. i'm waiting for TRADING .... and PVP PVP suggestion .. i hope the devs can read this or just think about it but i believe it will be fun and more challenging to players... If we have DEFENDERS.. Why not Player can choose to be the ATTACKER.. ATTACKER can control the monster they can reinforced same as COC .. ATTACKER can also upgrade the monsters and can get also loots to boost their STATS or can get also a LEGENDARY monster to attack.. yes, i know it would be hard to devs... i hope they will think about it.. It will be good for PVP .. Who is the BEST the HERO DEFENDER or the MONSTER ATTACKER.. trendy can get cash also to get some good cosmetics to all controlled monster... well, just a hard suggestions .. but if they did this in the game.. i believe it can be a GAME of a LIFETIME .. like DOTA ....
  2. okie goodluck .. i'm waiting for players feedback..
  3. Everything just make this game more challenging for GAMERZ..
  4. I agree with this... EASY FARMING with ITEMS = BORING ... it will be the same as DIABLO 3 .... in Diablo 3, at first FARMING items is really hard to find, and players complaining about the LOOT DROPS.. Then the Devs heard them., The Dev's Change the Loot Drop into Easy Farming ITEMS = all players GOT PRETTY GOOD ITEMS.., THEN The Game BECOMES BORING 'coz the GAME no FUN at ALL , NO CHALLENGE.. ...PLAYERS LEFT THE GAME... I QUIT THE GAME ... no CHALLENGE .. "sorry for my ENGLISH"
  5. Lightning: just want to say .. Trading
  6. this OP is demanding for the devs to develop more and more.. but don't know how to support the game... if you want to request more about the game, support the game first ...
  7. what's the use of it? can you hatched an egg even u don't need to wait for the ROT TIME ENDS?
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