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  1. Yes space is too much of an issue late game. Shards could easily be fixed by allowing for partial gilding. 5x make one tier better, then two of those 5x shards combine to a 10x shard. Yes it's f2p and they make money with bags, but as a late game player who has all bags anyway - no need to put even more stress on them, they cannot escape anywhere.
  2. This. Just reset it 0 UTC or whatever. You even save space in your DB because you don't have to track a useless number. Other games made this mistake many many years ago. Current system is bs.
  3. Blue is over 1000 gear level below legendary, yet is better.
  4. Explain this to me please: https://i.imgur.com/iNpiPt8.jpg
  5. > punish people for playing multiplayer in an online game > "fix" this after years. By punishing people for playing singleplayer by reducing their income by 1/4th. Genius.
  6. Got one pack with a discount some days ago and I was under the impression you give a discount because of Summer Sale on Steam. Seems I was wrong and you stopped the discount earlier, now that I wanted to buy another pack. Why not for the complete Summer Sale?
  7. This would be a pretty bad deal, extending the inventory like that, when a slot costs that many gems...
  8. Just had the same problem with reroll scrolls. Moving them to the bank and transfering them back to the inventory worked. Just make sure you move them by left clicking. I think I just lost some scrolls thanks ro right-clicking (like some weeks ago I definitely lost a partial stack of scrolls thanks to transfering them from one bag to another one -.-).
  9. Right now you need 10 shards for 4 levels. Maybe please make it a staged process: 5 shards give +2 levels. Thank you.
  10. Came here to complain about the same thing. I was pretty pissed to be honest when I saw it removed from the shop. You don't see it in "create hero" if you still have an open slot. Ok you want to make money I get that, but it feels a bit dodgy.
  11. In the first round it will do more damage than flame auras. When you upgrade the auras even once, they should do more though. So yes, useless later on.
  12. I'm playing with a friend and we farmed NM3 to get up to NM4. First what I absolutely do not like is that the high NM3 endgame maps no longer give ipwr 600 loot but only 580. We used to farm the halloween maps for 600 items now this is impossible as they no longer drop. Now we are forced to farm incursions to get ipwr 600 items. The problem is, that they give a lot less loot. Before your patch they gave roughly half the loot (because two waves were missing, that gave the most loot) compared to endgame maps. Now in one game I get ~4 purple items and if I am very lucky one legendary - and
  13. Does the sphere "Boost Blockade Health" also work for Arcane Barrier from the apprentice? Is the apprentice even a viable blockade builder or should I play a squire for that?
  14. If you play in a group it adds the total xp both players earned at the end screen. That might be whats confusing you. No. What I did: Opened charscreen and looked at my XP and the XP of my buddy. Cleared a wave. Looked at the XP again and calculated the difference. Both chars got exactly the same XP per wave.
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