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  1. I APOLOGIZE FOR THE LACK OF DETAIL IN THE LAST TWO CATEGORIES. I will be back to make edits and make sure all is well. For now, I am very tired because of all this built up frustration that I need to take a man nap.
  2. This is the LAST STRAW, Trendy. I have officially lost all hope in this game with the release of the Barbarian. My frustrations with this class have reached the MAX LEVEL OF FRUSTRATION. This wimpy child is supposed to be the Barbarian class we were promised? This is nothing like what was described to us by my previous post. It seems NOT A SINGLE DEMAND WAS MET. I don't know how I can continue playing such a game where my demands are not put into motion. There is no excuse to this embarrassment that was released for us to play as. Please know, Trendy, this is not too far gone. You can correct
  3. OKAY, OKAY. LISTEN UP. WHAT IF, just listen to me guys, WHAT IF THE TAVERN KEEPER, okay seriously guys just listen, WHAT IF THE TAVERN KEEPER ISN'T KEEPING MONSTERS? Okay, just think about it. The tavern keeper's number one customers are CHILDREN. The tavern keeper LOVES CHILDREN. If the tavern keeper loves children so much, why would he keep a monster in the tavern? That is just not at all logical. WHAT IF, just listen to me guys, WHAT IF THE TAVERN KEEPER, okay seriously guys just listen, WHAT IF THE TAVERN KEEPER KEEPS CHILDREN UNDER THOSE STAIRS AND THE CHAIN IS TO KEEP THE CHILDREN
  4. Let me lay down some feed back; some of this stuff is seriously whack. I don't know what Trendy was thinking, but they're choices imply they were probably drinking. I've done some thinking and written up quite a lot of flaws, and I'm sure my hard work will lead to applause. This is certainly something Trendy should look into, as I am sure it will result in a big break through. I may not seem like I'm in a very good mood, but I can assure you I do not mean to be rude. I hope we get some serious response, as the changes needed are just a slight nuance. The tavern keeper sells us guns and stuf
  5. I have to beat everything before midnight on thursday
  6. I quit and I deleted all my characters, too. The game just got too boring. Well, I don't quit. I also didn't delete any of my characters. I'm just taking a break from the game, and not because it's too boring. The issue is that November 11th is coming up soon, and my computer has an appointment with Skyrim for a while. It's more of a rehabilitation thing, really. It'll probably take a few weeks for my computer to adjust itself back to normal living in Tamriel. I guess my initial statement was completely false.
  7. All that I believe should be adjusted is minor increases in the build time on later maps while playing solo; minor being ten to twenty seconds.
  8. "Guys, I can't play this game anymore. I thought these items were pre-order exclusive even though the store page always said Steam exclusive. I just can't enjoy this game anymore now that everyone has the pets I pre-ordered to get. This game sucks."
  9. Honestly, Trendy really didn't spend a lot of time on this trophy. It doesn't really give me a sense of satisfaction, and could certainly use a lot of work. I really hope the devs work on this issue in the near future. Mine also doesn't look anything like the ones other people got. http://i.imgur.com/bQHJD.jpg Honestly, it could use more stars and thunderbolts. Also, yes. I'm poor right now. The economy is in a bad place. Whatever.
  10. This is so weird, because lately I've been having an issue with not enough people joining my custom games for me to kick without hesitation. Funny how that works out, huh?
  11. I have personally never had any serious issue with the community, and I join plenty of random custom games. I don't understand how you can really call the community specifically bad, as if it is something special. DD and LoL are unique communities filled with scumbags and ****weeds that you make it out to be-- that's just the Internet as a whole. There's good and bad on the Internet, although it is more often bad. Welcome to Internet gaming. You take the good, you take the bad, and there you have the Facts of Life.
  12. The title of this thread is very, very misleading. Also, I only played with myself at level 70 to power level other characters or to farm some mana. I also generally start games on hidden for the first wave or two so I can build all the towers, then I show the match because I don't trust other people with towers.
  13. On a side note, the DANGER AXES should be at least the size of three Barbarians.
  14. A good video on microtransactions done by Extra Credits from the Escapist should anyone be interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWMBeLrZoyw
  15. To clear up any confusion, Stephenie Meyers wrote the Twilight series. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSS5dEeMX64 Thank you for catching this reference. I was hoping it wasn't lost.
  16. Okay, SHUT UP and LISTEN for a second, sissies. This is not a suggestion thread, this is a DEMAND thread. These are the MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS for the Barbarian. Prepare to have your SISSY GENERAL FORUMS graced with the manliest list of requirements that will ever be DEMANDED of this forum. Let's get straight to the point, ladies. Currently, we have no characters that can really define what it means to be a MAN. Sure, you might say the Squire is pretty manly, but you couldn't be further from the truth. Just look at the little girl, she has hearts on her boxers. A lot of people think that REA
  17. Okay, I know everyone has been referencing elves in D&D and Tolkien elves and stuff, but we haven't looked at all elves. There is clear evidence of very old elves that show strictly childlike appearances. Evidence: http://www.imdb.com/media/rm2013837568/tt0111070
  18. Not to mention this is a "tavern" which usually means alcohol, between that and the weapons this tavernkeep is one shady fellow for kids to be around. Also notice how he has pictures of all these children on the walls of his taverns, and he takes them to 'dungeons'.
  19. I just did the tutorial on Insane, beat that (??). I did the tutorial on Turbo Insane.
  20. BOYCOTT SQUIRE Young lads should not be parading around Etheria in their underpants! This is an outrage! The proper dress code for young lads must be followed! Pants are to be worn from the waist with a belt! Pants are not optional!
  21. - Now I know the suggestion forum isn't fake. It just feels it. You see some amazing posts, people taking what I can only imagine is hours of their time to write up a lengthy post of ideas and the response is "Great idea thanks!" and then nothing. No one gets to feel involved, no one gets to feel any sense of anything other than someone responded. Which heck, as we all know, is much better than nothing at all. Even so it is nice to see a road map of some sort, or at least feel like we are actually contributing or even that the idea is not welcome and we need to think of something else. Ultimat
  22. Meh, I just soloed it now with my apprentice and monk (The monk being lvl 36) Yeah, well. I solo'd it with my Barbarian, and that isn't even out yet. You can't explain that. Also, it was on the turbo insane mode. That's like six levels higher than regular insane.
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