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  1. I believe over 90% of your customers bought this title for tower defence game While I'm sure there is some validity to this statement, you could argue that 100% of the customers bought the game because it's fun. Let them decide how to have their fun. CTF isn't being forced on you, and as far as we can tell the PVP balance changes are just changes that affect the PVP modes. If you're really put off with the way the game is headed you could always pick up the DDDK and start modding to your liking. Who knows, if your changes are well received they could even get incorporated into the actual
  2. If memory serves, you can select item info and at the top of the window it will say something to the effect of "this is part of a pristine set" that might not be it exactly, but I do remember seeing it after I renamed my gear.
  3. Specifically the unique or named weapons that you get from challenges. Is it possible to get a Godly one, for example a Godly High Five. I appreciate any clarification on this, thanks!
  4. I'm totally new at this, but does this mean I would be better off to stop investing points in attack rate when it hits 50 and spread my hero's points around a bit better? I'm only 40 and thus far I've only focused on damage and attack rate, but any information would be appreciated.
  5. Yeah, when I first heard the concept of it I was thinking it had too many good ideas going for it and would fall short somewhere, but from everything I've seen online it is exactly the kind of game that I want, and I want it baaaaaaad.
  6. Thanks for the hasty replies, I will be sure to check out the impulse store. The only reason I brought it up was that I saw that gamestop listed it online as a digital download and I wasn't 100% sure how that would work out.
  7. Hello all, I had recently been watching a lot of youtube videos about this game and I'm very excited. Recently for my birthday my wife got me a gamestop gift card that I was planning to use towards the purchase of this game. Does anyone happen to know if buying it from anywhere else other than Steam would allow me to take advantage of Ranked play on TrendyNet as well as some of the free content like the Halloween goodies? Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
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