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  1. lol i just seen a 95 slot weapon for sale and i own a 89 slot one haha. Ok so its all umf, nothing in survival?
  2. Question where are these 100, 120 slot weapon and 80^+ armors dropping at? Is it all umf insane or? Thank you
  3. OMG, wow, that is soo dumb, i sold in tavern, but not to dealer...
  4. WTF is going on, i can hold 150m at times, and then sometimes im in tavern sell something, like i just did and lost 15m. bec it stopped at 100m..@!!
  5. I got a question, everyone keeps saying otherwise, i see otherwise. I always see items disappear right in front of me, did they fix this or do the still disappear and do not go to your bank mid battle?
  6. What is the highest wave possible to reach? 25? and will there be in the near future a respec option for pets?
  7. looking to buy your godly van wolf pm me thephreak989, on steam or leave ur info here and the weapon info
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