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  1. So yeah everytime I load the game I feel all sucky. I bought the game super long ago and got the collectors pack. I joined in the game right after the "purge" or basically the game reset. So basically when I started the game I had like 100$ worth of gems and I didn't know what they were for. I saw pets and I was like ;O so I wanted to get a "premium pet" when I read the line "has a chance to become a legendary" I thought that I had to get the legendary version to get the special power the pets had. Soooooo I spent literally ALL of my gems on these premium pets. Literally after I got a legen
  2. Im waiting with bloodshot eyes to play this right away! How much longer?
  3. Is it going to be too complicated to fix soon or will the pet reroll ability item be a soon possibility?
  4. I know the devs said that they were surprised that the pet reroll wasn't already implemented. However it should work in a way that doesn't make the game worse. If everyone had a cool ability it wouldn't be as special. SO starting off, pet rerolls on premium pets should reroll more often to their special ability. Because it is annoying knowing that I spent nearly 30 dollars trying to get a legendary premium pet and didn't get the special ability. Secondly "Cool" or "Powerful" pet abilities should be rarer to roll just as ability power maximums and pet damage on pets has been difficult. And
  5. when they say you can reroll the ability, do you think it will only be for the premium pets?
  6. Any update on the bug fix to reroll items. Like the pet reroll ability
  7. I have 2 legendary premium pets and none of them have the special ability that it says it has. Also On my mythicat its ability is to shoot electric and nothing happens. It just puts the ability on cooldown and no damage is done. If the reason that the premium pet can have a chance to not have the ability, when will the ability pet reroll box be implemented
  8. :D Im excited! Lets all have a great day!
  9. I have these pets with really bad abilities and even a mythicat that says it does an electric ability but when i use it nothing happens. I was wondering when the pet reroll for pet abilities will come. Because apparently its supposed to be already in the game and its not dropping.
  10. Will there be trading soon as I have heard the devs plan on implementing it eventually, but is that the last thing to worry about or is it a simple thing that can come sooner than we think? I think it would be cool to have trading soon as it gives the value of an item more meaning because you can trade it to someone who needs it or if you have a really good item that someone needs to finish a build, they can trade for an unwanted pet. Hopefully trading comes soon, I cant wait.
  11. Did the devs ever state when they would put in pet ability reroll items?
  12. Is there an estimated time before they fix the bug or make it available to get this ability reroll item?
  13. I spent over 8000 gems trying to get a legendary premium pet such as the katkarot and then after countless depression I tried to get the headless horsemen and it was a legendary. However when I leveled it up it, it had the ability Hex instead of tormented thoughts. I have become a compulsive gambler and knowing I cant get anymore gems until I pay is sooo depressing.
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