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  1. Ogres are a bit of a joke compared to DD1. You can literally double jump over their melee attacks because they're so slow.
  2. Farming pets will, presumably, be easier in the full release if we can start survival games on any wave. Then we'll just need to clear 13 and 14 to pop a pet instead of the slog now.
  3. I think this is mainly because we can't upgrade weapons, so as heroes we don't offer a whole lot compared to towers.
  4. Definitely feels a bit low. I find myself just sitting on my squire with a high block % sword tanking kobold hits. At least the monk has the tower boost for now to pump out some extra damage.
  5. Can definitely say I've started to encounter this as well, only in the later waves of survival.
  6. If your or your friend is already in-game, from the steam overlay right click on their name and hit "join game".
  7. As much as I loved the summoner, he just made the defense building aspect of the game take twice as long as needed but he was 100% needed for harder content.
  8. Does it start functioning normally when the wave is almost over?
  9. Increase/decrease range binding would be for auras and traps as they can get very large. Your tower ranges are going to feel small/slow until you get levels/gear to increase the tower stats. Presumably anyway, waiting till Friday to play.
  10. Is there somewhere this was better communicated? I can't remember what the pages said all those months ago, but pretty sure if I read "keys will not be given at the same time" I would've made the lower donation amount, and then had my wife do the same so we'd both be backers and both be playing now. It's two days, it's a game, it's not the end of the world, but I really hope the frustration of this decision is clearly understood after everything else that's happened over the last two months.
  11. Considering it's a multiplayer game I'm wondering the same.
  12. I was just about to post the same. My wife and I have been waiting anxiously to play but checking my account I only have one to use. Checking the Kickstarter page it still says "2x PC Closed Beta Access", but when I check it's only saying "1 PC Closed Beta Access". I assume the "1 Kickstarter PC Beta" is the second?
  13. From my own testing it is not, unless "is buffed" doesn't trigger in the tavern. Very frustrating since I figured if the icon appears in the top left it should count.
  14. I agree and I don't. I found I'm getting plenty of motes by farming the lower tier shards I want such as Destruction, Deadly Strikes, and Defense Rate, that I haven't seen a need to straight farm the motes themselves. But where I agree is that farming shards in the current form is also less than desirable and a better solution for both would be a welcome change.
  15. The lost temple should just be one omega wave. It makes no sense to have a map function one way for 5 waves then completely change and require a complete rebuild... But still count as the same map.
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