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  1. I think my real problem with it is just the random ogre that comes out at the beginning of the wave. No other map is like that and it seems like that was put into place to make you use DU on a wall in those two lanes "just in case".
  2. 1) Towers could just be balanced instead of arbitrarily being weakened because you're on massacre. There is literally nothing stopping CG from making magic missile towers stronger than deadly strikers if they wanted to, but that would also be poor design. 2) It doesn't really open up more options. Right now for example I can setup a lightning aura by itself and it'll damage things that aren't electric immune. I can amplify this by placing a wall at the edge of the aura to keep enemies in longer. Strength drain or darkness trap so it now hits everything. Ensnare or gas trap to also keep t
  3. I disagree. Apprentice and squire towers could be viable right now, it's just that they're arbitrarily weakened for the sake of Massacre rules. It's just lazy design.
  4. It probably doesn't help that the last patch was a month ago either. Really not motivated to complete massacre, aka, more ogres and you're arbitrarily weaker.
  5. Encountered the same on wave 1 and wave 2. Took about 6 games before it cleared up and we were able to proceed.
  6. If the aura is dying quickly then you need to kill things in the aura faster. Auras also repair very quickly, so not sure this is really an issue outside of pure strategy.
  7. Have skin, gets removed after every match. Super annoying.
  8. Really not too pleased with this. So basically I can't power level any new friends that may join since I'll be in Legacy and they won't be? Was there any indication this was going to happen?
  9. From my own testing it is not, unless "is buffed" doesn't trigger in the tavern. Very frustrating since I figured if the icon appears in the top left it should count.
  10. I agree and I don't. I found I'm getting plenty of motes by farming the lower tier shards I want such as Destruction, Deadly Strikes, and Defense Rate, that I haven't seen a need to straight farm the motes themselves. But where I agree is that farming shards in the current form is also less than desirable and a better solution for both would be a welcome change.
  11. The lost temple should just be one omega wave. It makes no sense to have a map function one way for 5 waves then completely change and require a complete rebuild... But still count as the same map.
  12. Some servo ideas: +defense health for each unique defense nearby +defense health for each barricade placed on the map Restore X% health whenever a nearby defense kills an enemy +defense health in proximity to the nearest crystal or spawn point Shard ideas: Nearby defenses cost 5/10/15 DU less to place (minimum 10 DU). This blockade requires 5/10/15 more DU to place. If this blockade is destroyed or sold all nearby defenses are disabled until the next build wave. Heroes near this blockade take 10/20/30% less damage. Nearby defenses cost 10/20/30% less mana to upgrade. If this blockade i
  13. Shards for heroes only in deck. I don't own all the heroes, I don't want their shards and prestigious weapons.
  14. Since starting the resetathon my complaint is not with how repetitive it is, but just how dull it is to only use a single defense because it's too expensive otherwise. The farming wouldn't be so bad if placing a WM wasn't just the best route.
  15. If you think this is plenty of time I imagine you have sold more then a few perfect items. Yes and no. I've sold a few decent mods, like the 7s or 8s, but just immediately purchased them back after it registered with me "oh wait, that wasn't trash". Since the bulk if drops are just junk it's faster to assume something is going to be terrible and get in the mindset of just hitting S. Grays and Greens will never have mods so they're an immediate sell, I'm done upgrading pets so I just sell the boxes as is. Heck if I'm mindlessly farming C7 or a lower tier for a specific shard and I know I do
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