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  1. lol from being unable to do glitter to sell mysti surv(or hacked) stuff I was there when we (Me, Legendary, ViVi and a builder) did Nightmare Glitter together with a team, somewhat difficult but we managed so definatly able to do glitter. Also if you search enough you can be very lucky (And i Mean VERY lucky, hard to find good afk shops usually..) to find 150^+ armour like this in afk shops for 100m or so.
  2. Well done, made me sit there trading you 8b.. then apparently the trade bugged and hes going to email the specialists to come in and investigate! What a joke.. anyway guys dont be surprised if he magically finds another disc thrower with the exact same stats and tries to sell it here.. Also.. gj to you mate, trolled me. And thats why you ask/offer to drop trade high quality/value items with people who have a decent reputation already built
  3. i could just help you for free msg me :) (steam down for me ) (Steam down in general, again..)
  4. I should vendor every armor set that doesn't give me +2000 tower attack. Ok. Maybe try to be patient or list some of the best armour pieces.. personally i don't have the mana but im sure if some of the pieces are as good as you state (reasonable) then someone must be interested Also don't they sell well in an afk shop?
  5. Away from forums but back on comp/Steam, so add me on Steam for quick deals etc.
  6. Going out for a few hours, ill be back later
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