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  1. As the meta changes over time, players may want to make changes to their MOD setups. However it would feel bad to replace a 10/10 roll of a MOD with something else and simply lose that MOD for good. As an alternative to rolling an entirely new item to preserve the old one, there should be a (somewhat costly IMO) recipe that allows players to extract a single MOD from an item without destroying the existing item and MODs on it.
  2. Trading strictly via shops when there is an AFK timer that kicks you out of the game doesn't really make sense. If you insist on players meeting up for there to be some kind of social aspect of trading...essentially the design philosophy of trade in Path of Exile, then add the ability to open up a trade window where we can directly exchange goods and money there. If the social aspect is not important, allow us to list items on an auction house so we can actually sell things while playing the game. At the very least, do away with having to pay the tax to remove an item from our shop. I've been
  3. Do the gilded shards stay that way even after resets? When you say farm C7 for money, is it just vendoring items and maybe selling 10/10 mods I don't want to other players who will buy them? Or are there other ways of getting gold?
  4. The last time I played this I had gotten my character to the point where it could start climbing Onslaught (pre-rework) floors, I think I got to 60 or 70 something and took a break from the game because the Onslaught rework was due "soon", I had done a bunch of Mastery stuff as well to unlock those shards. Coming back to the game now, I'm not really sure what I should focus on. I never did ancient power stuff, should I be looking to reset and doing that now, is there something better to do with my time? Also, I don't have a ton of gold at the moment (2 mil) so would resetting be a bad thing if
  5. Basically copy the same concept as Path of Exile's Map stash tab, it just holds multiple copies of the same shard, and you can then click on that shard to see all your copies and pull out any specific one you might be looking for...since they may not all be the same levels/upgrades. Quality of life stash organization is how GGG makes money in PoE, the crafting material tab is basically a step in this direction and should be continued IMO. I'd easily fork over $15-20 for a tab like this to make my life easier.
  6. The way I would do it, nothing changes. If you didn't subscribe you'd keep playing the game exactly as you do now. This is just an optional thing on top of the current model. I only mentioned that ESO was buy to play, I don't think they should make DD2 buy to play.
  7. Before coming back to DD2 recently, I was playing a lot of Elder Scrolls Online. For those who don't know, the game is buy to play with an optional subscription model that offers things like 10% XP bonus, a bottomless crafting bag that can hold an infinite amount of materials (If you choose not to renew the subscription the bag still exists and holds the mats, you can take out of the bag but can't put new stuff in it), every month you get the subscription's cost worth of shop currency (Gems in our case in DD2), double bank space inventory, along with a few other perks. Every thing it offers i
  8. As a returning player who just started doing both Mastery and Onslaught, I enjoy doing both of them but think Mastery tends to be more challenging and requires more thought (Which to me makes it more fun). The rewards though feel lacking, Hyper Shards are a cool goal to work toward but on the way there you're not getting much, especially gear/relic drops. And with the recent update, everything is all about farming for those super rare green MOD drops. I hit 155 stars to get the first two Hyper Shards, but I can't bring myself to play this game mode more until gear/relics start dropping here as
  9. Do slows stack at all or does it take the strongest slow and apply that? I imagine there's three scenarios, they stack from all sources, they stack from unique sources (Like Proton Beam and Boost Aura with the shard) or they don't stack at all. Which is it?
  10. I found a helmet with hero defense as the stat on it with a triple proj weapon damage MOD, so I tested the damage of Beacon of the Storm with it off (No damaging shards equipped in Helmet) and with it on, and that stat does increase Beacon of the Storm's damage which says it scales off Hero Damage. So I guess there is no difference? Unless someone has information that says otherwise.
  11. Is there a difference between these two stats, assuming you're using the correct weapon to trigger the +Damage to # Projectile Weapons? If you have a shard that scales off of Hero Damage, does Damage to # Projectile Weapons affect that at all?
  12. I like the general direction the game is going but I kind of dislike this limbo we're in when we know some kind of change is on the horizon but have no details of what the changes are and when they might hit. I'm a returning player interested in doing my first Ancient Power reset soon, but I'm hesitant because I might regret it depending what the changes are. Even veterans like JuiceBags are having similar problems, on his stream yesterday he talked about wanting to do a reset but isn't sure if he should or not.
  13. Ah okay, so I'm going to want Attack Speed MODs on all my relics in that case then as I'll be missing a lot in this game mode, right?
  14. I get the general concept that things are scaled down to whatever Chaos level of Mastery you're doing, but how many Ascension points do you get scaled down to at each Chaos level? And if you have a bunch of points poured into different things in the same category, which will the game use?
  15. I'd be okay with it if you could buy specific shards with shard dust. Keep the 10x dust for a random shard, but maybe with a cost of 50ish to give you a specific shard you're after. I'm a returning player who was missing quite a bit, I've been farming C4 reasonably fast for about 12 hours now and only gotten one Defense Rate out of it. This would feel a lot less bad if at some point with enough shards I could just go buy one from the NPC.
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