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  1. My apprentice is currently level 71, and I’m hoping to keep my tower and DPS one separate. I’m trying to clear base campaign maps on insane, and I’m struggling with the eternia shards maps.
  2. Please remove. I accidentally duplicated my post from earlier.
  3. I’ve mainly been running a tower build apprenctice for much of my time spent playing this past week or so. However I’ve been trying to look into making a DPS build apprentice for the instances where having towers alone isn’t enough, and I haven’t had much luck in finding guides for DPS builds. Could someone point in the direction of any guides that actually exist? Or give me some pointers on how much I should put into each hero stat based on experience with a DPS build? Also, just for future reference, what is the max number of stat points I can put into a stat from levelling up?
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