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  1. When you split screen in the social tavern and then P1 selects to join a public game, only the primary player joins and the screen de-splits. As you typically prioritize joining a game with three existing players, you are then unable to split again and play with your friend. If you join when split, the game should find a session for both players!
  2. 1. If you are split screen in the social tavern, and then join a game, the games available are effected by the 2nd user. If P2 has a 20+ character, P1 can choose free play with a low level character. Both players should meet the requirements for the advanced game modes.
  3. As you already have proof that 2 player local co-op is possible, it seems logical you could provide 4 player local co-op technically. I understand this is probably an unusual use case of DD, but for those who have a family of dungeon defenders, nothing beats all sitting down together for a session together. For the few people who want it, I'm sure we would all consider that we are doing something premium, and it might reduce the existing revenue streams you are using to fund development. So could I offer the idea that you charge for local 3 and 4 player split screening. Either as a renta
  4. Being able to start split screen in a private tavern is important when playing with children because who wants their children listening to obscene language in the social tavern while they wait possibly multiple times for a private room to be created!
  5. I have also had this problem with the campaign not unlocking when in a private room
  6. As the officer and the map open 2 different but dependent menus, it would be really helpful if the map screen showed what game you have selected, private or public, and story or free play modes. This would reduce a lot of confusion on the steps to start the type of game you want, if you frequently swap between private and public. Perhaps you could also show if you are the team leader or just suggesting destinations. Thanks
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