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  1. Lol i'm playing other game such : Orc must die, LoL until new stuff come i have all 74 character with mythical gear with 200+ weapon & pet
  2. add me on steam : mich1103 or join game PvP Holiday* playing for 1 hour so come and we are going to have fun !
  3. Hello so i bought an APPGUARD 75M million and wanna sell it 75M ! 13boost 23range and 1turret to boost All tower and hero stats are 20+ exept tower dmg and and twr AOE that are 11 each ! steam id : mich1103 post here if u wanna buy it !
  4. Ya you should it is awesome ! :D and PC gamers also pwnzz alot more
  5. Please devs tell us when the other dlc will be out ! You have to tell us we bought it :D
  6. same thing i've got email but notthing back i had for 200 to 400mil mana in there :(
  7. I sent to them a message and he said hes gonna give mana insead but he never sent a message back... 2 day ago...
  8. how much for 101^ disc thrower ? how about 50mil i can put more
  9. did you loose bcause of that ? i jumped very high I could have stay on house and beat them :D
  10. So i was going to start last round when i was on my huntress and i walked on a shroomite and i jumped very high and went on a house. I couldn't get out... so I started round when i was in the house and i got killed... so i spawn with my character but i couldnt switch to my dps because the round was begin...I couldn't kill the boss cause i was on my Traptress .... I'm not hating i'm just saying to plzzz test the minimum cause i just wasted 30 min of my life doing that ... :/ Anyway keep up great work ! and plzzzz give feedback about this !:skeleton::skeleton::skeleton:
  11. I emailed and he said he could only overwrite my current data for the old one so i wouldn't have my lvl 72 character.... so isaid i dotn wanna restore...
  12. this happened to me too i think its just a random bug since the other online platform for DD is gamespy !
  13. Here is mine : FireTower(app)at each spawn place with spike blockade in front of it ! elctric aura and ensnare in front of it and pro mine where firetower and spike blockades are ! so spider will die :) put also prox mine on MM that attack wyvems too :)
  14. I'm 72 and i'm doing glitter non stop since yesterday lol :D
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