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  1. Uber Spheres reminiscent of DD1 DPS Squire: Blood Rage, Increases speed and damage dramatically (Replaces Provoke) Lasts 6 seconds, 30 decond cooldown. Tower Squire: Spike blockades are replaced with 'bouncer blockades' more damage at the loss of health, to save time and prevent making new meshes animations etc, make the spike blockade perform a slight amount of knock back, with a higher speed and damage and less hp. Dps Huntress: Invisibility, slight increase to movement speed, move through and cant be hurt by enemies leaving an 'oily' trail behind you . attacking ends invisibility. drains Mana overtime. Tower Huntress: Poison dart Towers are replaced with Poison Gas Traps, When activating, enemies are stunned and a DOT poison effect is added to them..... y'know.. like a 'Haze balloon' Dps Monk: Defensive Wave, Replaces heroic wave, Self explanatory Tower Monk: Strength Drain Aura, Replaces Boost Aura, Weakens enemies within the aura radius. Dps Apprentice: Overcharge, replaces Mana Bomb, abilities have less cooldown, 15% chance all attacks are fuly charged, last 8 seconds, 45 second cooldown Tower Apprentice: FrostStrike Towers, replaces FrostBite Towers, has a much smaller radial cone, frostbite towers now shoot a 'shard of ice' inflicting magical damage with a chance to freeze enemies.
  2. just wondering if players in the alternate universe of Etheria Ps4 will have a chance to obtain the xmas lockboxes?
  3. The Ability to combine costumes for a far greater customisation experience
  4. i have picked up this game on my ps4 (huge fan of the first, and soon to be the second), and as many others have done, i gathered it would be awesome to combine, the huntress's water traps with electric auras and sky guard towers. this combination becomes OP in various occasions. i have conjured up a few simple fixes. the first being to simply lower the air guard tower range slightly or provide enemies with a short immunity to being wet by the traps after they have just come out of a being stunned. (so that u cant use a bunch of air guard towers, water traps and electric auras to defend one objective, like life root forest for example) i believe this issue should be attended to as it allows for easy xp and loot galore
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