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  1. I am still getting it too. Trendy probably knows, it just might be awhile till they patch it up.
  2. Not entirely. If you chose the new re-roll stat for your pet , but it's still showing the stat you currently replaced, then just quit to the main menu, and log back in and the new re-roll stat you added should be on your pet.
  3. Any players that still aren't getting dailies even though there's room to get another one? So far I've been getting my dailies on a regular basis.
  4. Once Alpha & Beyond patch goes live we should have access to that feature. Would be crazy good if we got this patch before 2016 arrives lol.
  5. Just hurts to do Split-Screen at this stage of development to be honest. I wonder if there is a chance the PS4 development team will ever do a hotfix only based on Split-Screen. Hopefully Split-Screen won't stay as broken as it is now, all the way up until the beta patch releases, or perhaps the full base game releases :s
  6. I've noticed a great majority of players that don't understand there are now lanes where mobs can be either physical (Orange) /magical (Purple) resistant, and have multiple buff enhancements. Then they wonder why another player in their squad is slamming down all those banners, and voting to kick someone lol. Hopefully those players that aren't aware take note of this, or else when doing nightmare difficulty they will almost never win missions.
  7. Same here. On one of the Apprentice'a legendary weapons I can't see the full description of the 3rd trait, but also happens with 2 traits.
  8. Yep, I got stuck today at the alchemist and had to close application to fix this.
  9. Makes so much sense now. Forgot to mention it was on incursion also. You're probably right about Betsy being able to one shot that egg, because the eggs only had 4.5k hp or so. Thanks :)
  10. Wow! Thanks for pointing out this bug :D Looks like I'll be uberless then, until this gets proper clarification from one of the developers.
  11. No. I think that's during the next content update.
  12. Post Loot & Survive patch I notice that Betsy now inflicts damage on the center royal egg with the fire breath attack consistently when hovering at the back of the map. I am wondering is this a bug, or is this a fix? Prior to Loot & Survive patch Betsy almost never was dealing damage to the center royal egg when doing the hovering fire breath attack, and I've completed that map at least 20 times during Pets & Dragons patch. I'm just really worried that if I was attempting the End Game difficulties, I would not be able to deplete Betsy's HP fast enough before she destroys that cente
  13. Has anyone changed their base stats on their gear around with maxed out upgrade level? I ask this because prior to the loot & survive patch, we were able to shift our upgrade points around on gear at anytime when inserting it in the enchanting wheel. Now it seems we can't shift them around anymore since loot & survive patch went live. I really enjoyed that feature, because in DD1 on PS3 we had to grind for completely new gear just to simply have another base stat that we could have shifted upgrade points to on gear we currently are using on our heroes. Mainly addressing this because it
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