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  1. full 90 res with level 1 gear, awesome =\ this is gonna sound condescending to all hell but, how do you call it beta testing when you're generating gear that can't even spawn? Having watched the live stream from that particular event, I can say that that was on open and Dani crushed the devs horribly. Not to mention that when Hitmonchan was scrolling over the stats, it was obvious the gear came from DDDK shenanigans. Basically, no that is not the gear they use for testing, just PvP stomping devs
  2. yup, confirmed, no damage showing on dummies at all
  3. There is supposed to be a limited time to complete waves? All i have seen the clock say during a wave is 0:00 Also, yah the lag is horrible. If you are not hosting, have fun hurting enemies or moving without teleporting On my Countess, I could swing all day and see no damage numbers, while on my monk, I would ocasionally see damage, but not consistantly and only when the lag didnt break the autofire script
  4. I am looking for a pair of Mail gloves to finish off the set of gear my App is using. I am willing to trade the pair of gloves he is wearing for a near equivalent set The Pristine gloves: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197973166683/screenshot/632984400746459304?tab=public My Steam ID is Trees369 and the avatar is Fixer from Republic Commando Add me if you have an offer
  5. Trees369


    Well wouldn't a 2x speed toggle speed EVERYTHING up to 2x, like say RoF on towers and repair rates and move speeds? Effectively wouldn't the only real difference be that you get stuff done in half the time? EDIT: this is in support of the Idea, wasn't too sure if that was obvious, but was brought up to point out that a slow hero would maintain the same relative speed to everything else that was happening
  6. New Note: * All: Increased maximum number of profile Heroes to 16.
  7. Any way we could get the X, Y, and S values? The ones I can get quickly are: Tower Dmg: Xi=0.66 Yi=0.0924 Xf=.75 Yf=0.57 S=1.6 Tower Health: Xi=.5 Yi=0.0924 Xf=.75 Yf=0.57 S=1.68 Hero Health: Xf=0.13 Yf=0.85 NOTE: it uses a different formula => base*(1+(stat^Yf)*Xf) and there is no S Hero Dmg: Xi=0.33 Yi=0.0924*1.1 Xf=0.69 Yf=0.378*1.1 S=0.8 NOTE: *1.1 is an additional multiplier to the Y in the actual code For the others I would have to go hunting EDIT: if there is enough interest I will add the other stats, including Hero Abilities to the Spreadsheet and add them to the graph, but for specific applications to individual Classes and Towers, I have not found those additional multipliers yet so I cant say much on them other than in-game observations
  8. I see you all have gained information from dealing with in game stat checks versus effect on towers. While that is all well and good, I went ahead and dug into the source code. Having found the formulas, I can tell you that Hero speed caps the fastest, Hero Health is practically a linear multiplier, Hero Casting Rate scales poorly after the first 50 or so pts and Tower RoF and Range scale much slower than the other stats. Now for what you care about: Everything but Hero Health, Move Speed and Tower RoF use the same basic formula Stat Effect = (1+Xi*((MIN(stat+1,4)^Yi)-1)+Xf(((stat+1)^Yf)-1))*S Xi= initial multiplier Yi= initial exponent Xf= full multiplier Yf= full exponential S=additional scaling factor X, Y, and S are different for each stat, set at static numbers. There is an additional multiplier that is unique to each type of Tower (MM, FB, EA, etc...) or each Hero class (Monk, Squire, etc...) Running the numbers on Electric Aura, whose additional multiplier seems to be around 1.07 200 TowerDmg translates to 808~809 dmg a tic depending on rounding 300 TowerDmg translates to 1014 dmg a tic With the active hero buff of 33% to dmg, an active monk with 200 TowerDmg would get 1075~1076 per tic The tower is actually stronger. I have included a Google Doc spread sheet link https://docs.google.com/a/ncsu.edu/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmgnbOU_aHXbdEVPU2NoMkdPS0J0UURmWkNKMEI2c0E&hl=en_US[[479,hashtags]]=0 Please note you will not be able to edit the sheet and it does not have the Hero or Tower specific multiplier included in the calculations. Also Column A is a calculation of damage gain per upgrade of a 188 base damage weapon Edit: Because you will probably find it relevant, the weapon damage additional multiplier seems to be around 0.52
  10. In the patch thread from Jer, conformation about multiple levels a wave http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?26031-7.11-Patch-Discussion&p=202908&viewfull=1[[880,hashtags]]
  11. Which is...a monk skill...and wait for it...he's a monk...and wait for it...so he should use it... Actually the character doing the DPS was an apprentice, and he did keep mentioning a staff (app weapon)
  12. Still curious bout this. Additionally, we can only upgrade items at the forge, so does that mean the max level of a pet is one per wave? Jer addressed this issue in another thread. He said that they had specifically tested that case and any extra xp will be stored on the pet allowing the investment meter to potentially be filled multiple times, meaning we are not limited to one lvl per wave. EDIT: actually was earlier in this thread not another one http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?26031-7.11-Patch-Discussion&p=202908&viewfull=1[[880,hashtags]]
  13. both app#2 and monk#2 are the better weapons. As not only will they end up with a higher damage when upgraded, but the base stats are generally better all around.
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