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  1. This is why I stopped playing. Finding legit players is damned near impossible. Every game I joined had a hacked player, and when I hosted a game, the players that joined were asking for hacked items.
  2. My point is that if the reward is relative to actual skill, players will retry levels for a higher score or something that leads to better drops.
  3. I can understand how random drops can add longevity to a game like this, but the fact that rewards are random can be EXTREMELY frustrating to players who are unlucky. This means any given player could spend a potentially infinite amount of time repeating a level they can barely pass trying to get a DECENT drop while their friend gets the best possible in 1 game. That is completely unfair. Perhaps item quality should be relative to something directly relating to time invested or skill?
  4. Allowing players to raise the limit provides an unfair advantage to those with a high end pc. As long as you can work out atleast 20 fps, you get an equal game experience.
  5. Invisibility is already cheap enough.
  6. Granted Now you cant speak English. I wish it was easier to get money. Granted, you are now a millionaire in zimbabwe currency. I wish Circular Slice was more practical.
  7. I'm not talking about replay value or the fun factor. I'm talking about sheer content, but I never said that the game MUST have lots of content. Also, let me ask you, does all the backtracking and grinding one must do in your typical poorly made RPG equal fun?
  8. Pretty much what happens why I try to upgrade a blockade with a Squire or Monk: :squire::"Almostthereand" :kobold::"AAAAAAAAHHHH" BOOM :squire:: Well, time to start over. :squire::"Almostthereand" :kobold::"AAAAAAAAHHHH" BOOM :squire:: DAMN IT ALL! :squire::*Start angry rampage, get killed, lose towers, ragequit.*
  9. ...not only was it almost impossible to play a game with the new maps, it seemed like half my friends didnt have them so we couldnt even play them. I always figured they went the Halo: Reach way and preferred players that had matching DLC when you searched for a game.
  10. That's all I wanted to say. I'm not one of those Trendy haters, I'm just tired of that argument. If you agree or disagree put a vote in and don't flame like I just offended your ******. This isn't a thread to bash or defend anything else.
  11. Wanna bet? A lot of people will complain, rant, and generally stomp their little feet in anger on the forums, but the vast majority of them will still buy the DLC by week's end. I, myself, will be irritated seeing people with ridiculously hacked gear on a game I've spent (in total) around $30 for, but i'll still be clicking that purchase button as soon as the DLC drops. Price vs. Entertainment value, there's nothing out right now that beats DD for me. You know what, I just remembered the L4D2 and MW2 boycotts. Yes they'll complain, but they'll buy it. People always whine that Call of Duty m
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