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  1. Glad I quit and got 7 days to die when I did no let see what trendy try to get ps4 players back since I know about 50 people that have quit just this update due to the frustration of gear ***ed ups and character changes even though they did say that abyss and even wouldn't be touched and 4 originals and mobs would be revamped. Oh well no more $$$ from this guy. Having more fun on other games now anyways
  2. I think is sad when you host a game and because u can solo and chose to play public people try to call you a cheater cause u don't really need there help. Or when u host a puplic game and you have the one person just sitting in one spot the hole time and not hitting the ready button and hold all the mana they get Wichita in some runs can make u lose even with a good set up. Or the people that when your playing Betsy sit in the very front and attack Betsy knowing she will kill all the side defenses and the messing it all up. Plus private games sick it gets boring and the drop rate is like 5 % of a puplic game
  3. Be leave me I know about the bosses I was running a test on ramparts was all with 26 lvl 50 toons I run all differ maps all the time
  4. So since the update or roll back I've been farming EV2 and Abyss Lord gear for a week now and it seems that there is a decrease in the drop rate or rng rate for the AL and the Ev2 it's seems when I run ramparts Inc nm4 full 8 times I get more legendary items on one of the original 4 hero's but if I'm on my AL or my Ev2 I get nothing over and over. I've tryed every thing from all 4 slots with al in them to all 4 slots with Ev2 to just 1 slot with al or Ev2 in it with the same out come any one else having these issue atm. I want to only farm for those to classes due to the update on tuesday. It's gonna mess up any gear I farm for the 4 original hero's so why farm with the I say
  5. I'll worrie about that when they fix the game first hell I just want my weapons back to the way they where had perfect set for all class it's hard to gear 25 lvl 50 toons
  6. I can tell u this I've ran about 75 nm4 Inc maps since update and have gotten 8 legendary items in total not one of them worth a dam. And I've tried every thing from running with just 1 toon to running with 4 of the same class to soloing to having a full party and have yet to see a good drop. This morning I ran ramparts Inc 7 time with out a single legendary drop from a boss and the chest drops where garbage
  7. This won't be fixed till the submit the new patch to fix it to Sony and they then pass it so we are looking at like a week till it fixed. Makes me wonder why in the world I've spent 800$ on stupid stuff just to support a company that can't support its loyal customers. But he'll I'm just some dude from the middle of nowhere that doesn't know *** and when I submit a support request I get the same stupid answer it's a visual glitch. Even when items come up missing or when one of my 25 lvl 50 charts all the sudden are not there. But it's a visual bug have a nice day is all u will get
  8. The hole game is bugged all passive and weapons hell Ev2 is bugged to place her traps you have to place the max amount u can't just place 2
  9. No where in the patch notes does it say that you guys where going to mess with weapons and other items I log in after I download the patch to find my 4 x 4 Armageddon is now a 1.2 x 4 what the heck is up with that who knows what else u all broke with this patch. It's some b s since I farmed ramparts for 4 weeks to get a 4 x 4 this needs fixed
  10. If that's info to you then u clearly don't see the info they give to the pc on a daily. Like they give exact dates for fix and updates on pc. Ps4 it's always early this month early that month. Is all I'm trying to say it's been the same way since day . Communication is the key to anything you plan on making better hell it takes 2 to 3 weeks for a support ticket to get answered. Which sucks when u asking for help with gems that didn't appear.
  11. Ok so for about a week now every one has been worried that the carnival was going to be taken away and we where going to get some kind of update or at least some info on the update on tuesday. As of now Tuesday has passed and still not even a clue to when we will be getting a update. I'm not asking for much but some communication from trendy to the ps4 community would be nice some of use still are spending our hard earned money on gems and saving them for the update I have 9 open slots out of the 27 slots I have just waiting for new toons. We also would love the mobile forge some of use are using two accounts just to play since the ps4 community has dropped due to no communication and no real feel that trendy will even help any one on ps4. So all I ask is can we have a kind of embasiter or some thing between trendy and the ps4 community. So we don't lose the hole community. Thanks for your time
  12. Just be luck you don't get the bs that they game me on my support issue I sent in with perfect prof of the issue
  13. Just do what half of us do play split screen since u don't need a psn + account to play dd2 make another psn account and Play with 2 charters and you can set up your towers with the sec account and use your main for dps
  14. He speaks the truth about onslaught believe me I've been playing with him for going on 6 months now and I can fall asleep with his set ups even on my toons that still have rat ass gear from 4 months ago I can solo nm3 and almost nm4 with old gear. To the point I now have 14 level 50 toons on 1 account not to mention my other account.
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