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  1. There needs to be more variety in this game. Not just Trap Huntress, DPS Huntress, Waller, and Frosty.
  2. Add me as well, Steam ID is Ngamok as well. My characters are: Waller Squire at 284K Tier 1 Tower Squire with 13K Cannons at Tier 1 Serenity / PE Monk with 384% of 2705 DP so Aura hits for 10,300ish only My Apprentice towers are only good enough for NM3. Same for my Trap Huntress. My DPS Huntress can burst typically around 75K DPS mainly because I am still using a NM3 Bow with Burst Shot and 4/s. Haven't found a decent 4/s bow yet.
  3. You know what made me sad was that I bought the Viking outfit for the Squire which was 1200 coins and that the options for the helmet, legs, and shoulders cost 2 million each to get the options. I was hoping that buying something for 1200 coins would have all the options for that outfit. So warning for anyone getting costumes. You only get the base outfit you see. Any of the options will cost you gold to unlock.
  4. Try Cath 22, Streetlight Manifesto, Less Than Jake, Flogging Molly, Mad Caddies, The Toasters, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Cake, Reel Big Fish, Big D and The Kids Table, Save Ferris, [spunge], Mustard Plug, Buck-O-Nine, Rancid
  5. Ngamok


    On PC, it does same thing, just load up another hero and then back to the one you had and it should show up.
  6. Light, Medium, Heavy Other than the swing speed, do they affect damage done at all?
  7. I agree, DPS Monk for melee is pretty terrible considering how slow the projectile fires compared to a good Huntress 4/s bow and the Large Sphere. Monk needs to be looked at.
  8. Can we get rid of Heavy Toe on the boots? Pretty useless. Most of the time I am pinballing off the mobs when I am jumping.
  9. Sharken can return the moment we get Gas Traps back for the Huntress.
  10. I have to disagree with this. If it's done properly a healthy economy is a good addition to any game where the focus is farming up gear/collecting rare loot. Properly done, in my opinion, is in such a way where assets aren't TOO liquid. If you run into a situation where the same item is being listed and relisted and undercutting becomes a constant occurrence you have assets that are too liquid. A prime example of this would be any "auction house" system you find in every contemporary MMORPG. Or Diablo 3 at launch day. That is a horrible model. Now take the other extreme which is no trading at all. It's the system that Diablo 3 adopted and I hate it. If nothing else it destroys the community. I find an item that my brother needs on his character? Well, tough luck no trades allowed. That's not fun. That has no place in a multiplayer game. There is a median there somewhere. And the first step is putting in trade windows. The player base will find a way to trade among themselves without much oversight by trendy. And from that point I would recommend your step back and assess approach. Take player feedback and suggestions and move forward. I agree with you. I currently play with 1 friend, sometimes 2 and it would be great to trade them some gear on stats they might need instead of me just selling it off.
  11. Looking for any updates on this discussion, primarily for the Heavy Cannonball Uber. Does it AoE like the normal one and if so, is it smaller radius.? Does it do less damage to mobs if it's up close to a barricade vs. the original tower?
  12. I've taken the survey and have responded. None of the items you listed got a Yes, for sure answer. I would instead like cool designs in T-Shirts. I've purchased T-Shirts from CafeePress and Jinx in the past or through the games item store to support them raising money to continue. T-Shirts currently owned: - 3 from WoW - 1 Warhammer Online - 1 Borderlands - 1 Stargate Worlds
  13. New map idea, weapon affinity and ability ideas for a new map. Map could be anything snow based even though there is one already but it's a city and Christmas based. Would prefer ice fortress or snowy tundra. Weapon affinity and monster resists would be cold damage or ice damage. Frost blades could be this damage type by default much like some weapons in game already do elemental only damage. Now for hero abilities: Huntress / Ranger would have a Chill Trap that would freeze mobs that set if off and any mobs that pass through it while actively holding mobs get snared till it resets. Could affect Dark Elf Warriors or other mobs that might not be stunnable. Monk / Initiate would have a chill aura that makes mobs take XX% more damage from the chill effect while in the aura. Nothing too nuts, something like 10%-20%. Dunno. Countess / Squire would have a Freeze Towers maybe that snares targets it hits with an AoE like Fireball Tower has. DST tower speed, not really too fast, maybe 1s cast tops + projectile travel distance. Apprentice / Adept would have a Snowball Launcher Tower like the Squire Tower I listed above. AoE Snare around the target it hits. Again, DST speed or maybe faster for them to give them more of a benefit. Could have a challenge map be something like a mountain challenge. You fight waves of mobs as always and they come down a mountain side but sometimes an avalanche happens, dunno. End boss would be a YETI and survival would have a Yeti pet that shoots or throws snowballs or a mini snowman. Edit: Switch the tower types for Squire / Apprentice. Apprentice visually would be Freeze Towers and Squire would be Snowball Launchers since it has to be mechanical.
  14. I do double to triple vendor price depending on the piece and how many upgrades and negatives it has.
  15. It is very rare to get one on wave 13 and 14.
  16. Steam will usually do an update on a Tuesday at around 7 pm EST. It's common knowledge. Just always plan accordingly. When they do one, just check that steam link update page and you'll know. But it's always been around the same time on Tuesdays.
  17. More Workshop maps, please! ^^ This.
  18. You can do Shipwreck Monster Fest with all Lightning Towers and Buff Beams. Of course, EV Walls + Gas Traps and Monk Auras help a ton as well. Don't even need a Squire for it. Just really fast put up your, Str Drain Auras, Ensnare Auras Gas Trap, EV Walls and make 4 lines of Buff beams, then hop on your Apprentice and start putting down the Lightning Towers on your lines of Buff Beams. Win. If you want put up Lightning Aura as well to melt the stuff stuck in the Gas Traps. Those Lightning Towers will hit stuff all the on the other side of the map with the chaining it does.
  19. Man I wish I got into system building when I was younger to able to use these types of engines with ease.
  20. Though I am happy to pay for new maps made by Trendy, I would also love to see the featured Workshop maps as well.
  21. Have them pulsate rainbow colors. :D Or ping the map every 2s.
  22. buff everything else, not nurf, though, barb "should" be made the best raw DPS class due to lack of towers, he still needs a while to go Like I stated already. Trendy said they are looking to rebalance the Barbarian. That was a month or two ago. Still waiting on that. But yes, the Barbarian should be the best raw DPS.
  23. ^ This. They already said they were re working the Barbarian (like a month or two ago). IMO they need to do something about Huntress / Ranger. Like take away the delay they put on Piercing Shot.
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