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  1. What I've noticed is that if he's ignited and his shield goes back up, you need to wait for the ignite to wear off and re-apply the ignite in order to get his shield to drop again.
  2. I was doing some Chaos 1 maps for dailies and got hit real hard with the nerf bat: Seems to be a visual and practical bug, as all my defenses were treated as if they had no defense power and health (goodbye auras!). It also turned all my equipped items to 0 as well as bag items. The good news is that this was temporary and after my core died and I chose to replay the wave, my items went back to normal. Hooray! I've opened a bug report here, and am interested to hear if anyone else has encountered this issue? It hasn't happened again, so fingers crossed? Edit: Didn't cross my fingers hard enough, it happened again :(
  3. Belgium brought EA to court over micro-transactions. Their methods of micro-transacting gave the purchaser an opportunity to gain better, more powerful gear. Trendy doesn't touch that model. There's is either cosmetic or convenience. An important thing to distinguish is that Belgium's ruling doesn't pertain to micro-transactions, but rather to loot boxes and the fact that they can be considered gambling and, as such, are subject to the country's gambling legislation, especially in regards to minors. What exactly is the difference between a gambling and non-gambling loot box is up for debate and I can't find a comprehensive ruling on that. For example, are escalating odds considered gambling? What about loot boxes that reward random rewards but once you get a reward remove it from the potential pool? What about loot boxes with clearly posted odds? The whole "Belgium bans loot boxes" is a catchy title, but there are still a lot of ways to potentially circumvent it.
  4. I'm not very happy about this change, to be honest. I understand that if changes weren't made then this patch acts as a pseudo-100% multiplicative modifier to gold for players who are in a full party. In my opinion, there are several underlying problems. Loot is too large of a total portion of the gold you earn from maps.Selling loot, pre-patch, seemed to count as roughly 50-75% of your total haul from the map. A quick and dirty solution is to increase the end-of-map gold by enough so that the total haul (including sold loot) is closer to the pre-patch value for solo play. Full parties will still gain a benefit, but it will overall be much less. Multiplayer issuesThis could be a post all on its own. Long story short, I think there's a perfect storm of too many different progression steps, lack of control over your games, player shortage, and the lack of "unspoken rules" in public games (such as don't start the wave timer before building is completed). ---- I'll be pretty blunt: If I had known that this would have been the outcome, I would have voted differently on the survey.
  5. I've noticed that I don't seem to be getting motes in C3 past wave 2. Waves 1 and 2 drop motes just fine, but one wave 3 starts there's nothing dropping. I've submitted a bug report but it's currently in "under review" status so isn't viewable to the public. I'm trying to test different things out (such as using different defenses, not spawn-killing enemies, different mods, etc) to see if I can get a sense of any patterns. Edit: From my (limited) testing, it doesn't seem like it stops dropping but it seems more like there may be a cap to how many motes can drop in a single map. I've run about 10 maps and each time I've only gotten 5 motes per. If the cap is 5, it makes sense that they would stop dropping after a couple waves, since the drop rate is so high. I do think we'll need a larger sample size, but that's what I've gotten so far.
  6. If you're prepared, it's not too bad. I would recommend having the following: ~15M gold~200 of each mote type~15 of each tier of each crafting material~10 of each Chaos ampouleThis should let you instantly jump four of your relics (wall, AOE, single-target, anti-air) back up to 10/10 C7 (be careful as you mindlessly click upgrade, because once you hit C7 you might accidentally upgrade to C8!), your primary DPS hero's gear, and any important shards. Obviously the more gilded shards you have, the less you'll need to spend. I reset yesterday with the above and within minutes I was back farming C7. The whole point of ancient powering was to get concrete numbers but I forgot to take a before screenshot of my inventory, so a lot of the numbers are eye-balled. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. I think one of the big issues with C8 ampoules aren't the drop rate alone but the fact that your first ampoule does very little for you (and is arguably WORSE for you since it increases tinkering costs too). Ignoring Ancient Power, assume you're going for a push and you find an ampoule. You obviously want to use it on your primary DPS relic, right? Going from 10/10 C7 to 5/5 C8 is about a 20,000 defense power increase (or roughly 30-35%). But the first time you use your C8 ampoule only gives around 1,000ish defense power to your relic--roughly a 2% overall increase. Such a small bonus for such a rare item doesn't seem right to me, and it really diminishes the impact of even finding even one C8 ampoule. I understand that this scaling is very similar to how evolving works for other Chaos tiers, but I think it should be changed to frontload more of the benefits up front. Perhaps increasing the initial upgrade to +5k and then smooth out the upgrade levels to still retain the total maximum defense power at the end. This way, finding a single ampoule is exciting as you'll get a noticeable benefit from immediately using it (~10% defense power).
  8. It's not getting nerfed, it's getting bugfixed. Yeah, you right. I think stressing this is a big deal because a lot of the playerbase will see this as a nerf. Something I've definitely struggled with as a developer is separating intent from reality. It currently gives WAY more than it should (something in the calculation), to where 40% is actually acting closer to 90%. Oof. That's worse than I expected. If my post-fix (I got the terminology right!) almost perfect green is going to perform worse than our current, pre-fix red, I can't see myself ever using Tenacity unless I get a perfect 95% (assuming nothing else changes). ------------ The fun thing about percentage-based increases is that the physical increase is separated from the effective increase. As an example, say you could go from a 90% to a 95% Tenacity. Making that jump to 95% from 90% doubles the effective power of the mod. This can lead to situations where the difference between a perfect and almost perfect mod can only be a few percentage points difference, but have a wide difference in effect.\ On another side note, I'm having a whole ton of fun this expansion and I've probably clocked close to 100-200 hours just playing, looking for greens, farming mats, hunting loots. Fantastic job!
  9. A low rolled C7 tenacity (~40-43%) feels good in Onslaught lanes with low amounts of Cyborks spawning. With low amounts of Cyborks in the lane, the uptime of my traps/auras/nodes are enough to generally solve the lane only using those types of defenses. In highish amounts of Cyborks, an ~40% value isn't enough to solve the lane and, instead, I found myself using other defenses instead. With too many Cyborks in the lane they can keep chaining their disable, which means my traps are permanently down. However, I got lucky and recently found a 69% C7 Tenacity and it feels amazing in Onslaught. Any amount of Cyborks seem to be no problem and I can rely on my defenses to have the uptime to solve the lane. The only time I've ever had a lane get in trouble was due to a triple lane with Cyborks (3 spawns out of the same area) with a Thorc also spawning in that lane. It's hard to say what the end result of the nerf will be, but assuming the values being applied now are much greater than that of the listed (I wouldn't be surprised if it's double or more), I can't see myself using a ~40% tenacity post-nerf. I'm even having serious reservations about the 69% Tenacity with my assumption that it behaves like a pre-nerf 40% would. It's not that I can't use the mod, but overall it'd be easier to just use a more solid, less counterable setup in order to minimize the points of failure. As it stands currently, the "bugged" version of Tenacity works okay. Red/Yellow versions of the mod are good, but there's still situations where it's not good enough. A really good roll (69%), while not a perfect roll, works extremely well. But there's still a very, very niche situation where it fails (2 + 1) and I could even see a triple, high-volume lane of Cyborks causing issue. My assumption is that an absolutely perfect roll of 95% would be able to power through those situations with no problem--as it should, considering the rarity of it. -------------------------- So what, should we nerf Tenacity? The answer is probably. As with all the percentage mods, the scaling as you go up in rarity is roughly exponential. The difference between a yellow Tenacity vs an absolute minimal rolls is like 2% at C7. My suggestion is to smooth out the curve at the same time we nerf Tenacity overall, to help players have a reason to want to get higher versions of the mod. Some quick, armchair designing: The red, post-nerf roll should be less effective than our current, pre-nerf 40% Tenacity. It should, ideally, be able to handle, say, 2 Cyborks in a lane with no problem, but any more than that is a tossup. The yellow, post-nerf roll should be about as effective as our current, pre-nerf 40% Tenacity. It should be able to handle a handful of Cyborks, say, 6-10 at a time without a problem. Enough so that most lanes can be taken care of, but double/triple spawns or even boss spawns could cause issues. The green, post-nerf roll should be about as good right now. It should handle any normal Cybork lane easily, pound through double spawns and maybe have issues with a heavy double spawn or triple spawn. The perfect, post-nerf roll should be able to handle a full triple spawn + boss.
  10. I did not exactly understand what you were meaning by 'removing the managers' ...I know it was something about mana nodes. (I am not that good at 'hearing' english) Can somebody please explain it to me?  From what I gather, it seems like you no longer have to go to the chests in each map in order to collect mana. Instead, Mananode (the green dude) pops up and instantly gives you mana at the start of each map/wave. In addition, there seems to be a new system where if you were to over-cap your green mana (IE: 1700/1700), you get another mana bar that acts just as a larger one. I don't know why they don't just increase the cap to something ridiculous instead, but overall this is a good change since you don't have to do some extra legwork at the beginning of each wave (plus, now you can fill up fully on Bastille instead of having to come back to your first chest). This is a matter of opinion, but I still think showing where enemies will be going is not necessary. Sometimes enemies are leaving their lane which causes a lot of frustration. (like in Littlehorn Valley where they go after the subcore instead of following the lane) I think this is more of an issue with enemies not respecting the path, rather than showing the path in the first place. Having the paths visible is extremely helpful when encountering a new map/lane. Unfortunately, whenever enemies don't respect the path it sort of highlights how buggy pathing can be sometimes :(. A lot of this patch seems to be early-game QOL fixes, which are very important for new player retention, which ultimately ends up with the potential for more revenue and possibly faster development cycles. I'm overall extremely pleased about the ilvl visibility improvements on items, since it's definitely a must-have for progression to make any sense. I think that a lot of the community (especially on the official forums), myself included, look at these patches with through the eyes of an end-game player and it's important to try and use other perspectives as well. A lot of this won't really benefit my own game play, but this is a pretty huge patch for newer players. Deck score and hero score seems a bit arbitrary, since for the most part each hero will be geared for certain things depending on your play style, but more metrics are always nice. Personally, I wouldn't put too much faith or priority in deck/hero score, since it probably won't matter much. I would, however, brace for "I got kicked because my deck/hero score was too low" posts on the forum/reddit/discord. Contrary to what seems like the popular opinion, I think the change to shards is a positive step forward. Yes, it makes bag space a little more difficult to manage, but it makes the overall shard system feel more clear--you know that shards affect your towers/heroes, rather than a piece of gear. It especially helps when traversing Onslaught upon a fresh restart, since you'll be constantly finding upgrades and it helps to minimize the struggle of switching out shards each time. I also can't necessarily begrudge Trendy some bag space. I don't see it as "forcing" the player to buy more bag space, but more of a "hey if you want to hoard then you should buy more bags." As a player, you can either determine what to hoard or not, or you can shell out for bags. I will say that bags seems unusually expensive and I can't honestly recommend it right now from a utility-to-dollar standpoint. To put it in perspective, Path of Exile's bags cost roughly $2 each whereas a DD2 bag costs >$6. I assume that Trendy has pencil pushers that calculate the cost-vs-quantity ratio ("if we lower the cost, will more people buy it?") so I assume it's priced like that for a reason.
  11. Fantastic to hear. I'm a big fan of transparency, so these types of roadmap updates are great to see.
  12. The good thing about C5 is that there's only one geode per wave (starting from wave 4, I believe) and they spawn fairly early, before assassins begin to spawn. This means that you can kill them before anything big and scary comes out (environmental traps help a lot here!). As for the shield goblins, you'll have to find creative ways around them. Either by whittling them down as they head towards your barricades, using Flamethrowers that don't get countered by anything, or placing your other projectile towers in different spots to shoot from the side/back. Personally, I used a combination of PDTs and Flamethrowers to clear C5, and I found that Sewers was the easiest map to clear because of the long paths that mobs have to take. Here's an example of the layout I used.
  13. Don't be obtuse. Having a hidden limit on a premium currency-bought feature is a poor choice, because players who purchase gems thinking they can buy a load of things will be disappointed when they can't. Even if they state somewhere that bags are limited, that's also a poor choice because every bag bought is money in Trendy's pocket. What works for you might not work for him, and what's the point of trying to discourage him from buying bags in the first place? If he wants to spend money to support the free-to-play game, why argue him out of it? Every dollar he spends helps Trendy to make this a better game.
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