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  1. I can attest that my AL archers are at 8% on everything. 😕
  2. Any news on the hot fix? Also with the current state of the game, has anyone noticed the enemies hitting slightly harder?
  3. It reflects projectiles back at the enemy. Plus when the enemies themselves get close the little charge running along the reflect wall explodes. I usually place them in front of my walls.
  4. Dk and ark angel are right. Sorry, I was going by the monster item power. It's the power under the maps. Dragon fall is 800, life root 900 and throne room happens to be 1000.
  5. Thanks for the other thread. As for your suggestion, I knew that already:p I just meant I wish I could change dragon fall or whatever map to the item power of my choosing. Maybe up to 1000.
  6. Any chance in the future of upping the item power of maps? By that I mean, upping dragon fall to 1000 if you wanted. I think the new daily missions are great but when I have win 5 ruins maps and there is only 2 it gets boring. In that example only 1 map is item power 1000. All I'm saying is, it would be nice to grind for gear worthy of wearing while doing the daily missions. I understand the concept being that you want players to break up the monotony of playing the same maps but at the same time most players are just getting lower gear they won't use.
  7. If she has any towers at all it might be big cauldrons with hero boosting potions. That would be kind of cool. She is a witch after all.
  8. Oh man I may have to spend some gems on gun witch. She looks so cool. I know she's mainly dps but I wonder what towers she will have.
  9. Nice! Still undecided whether to do dps or towers. Haha I'm just glad we are getting her next week.
  10. Already got the op abyss lord and I've got about 10.2k saved up in medals.
  11. Darn. Hopefully I should be able to get them before she comes out.
  12. Will the ev2 be 10k defender medals or 12k?
  13. Will you guys ever put new towers up for sale? For example, I want to buy magic missile or deadly striker to replace one of my apprentice towers. Also I think in the future selling tower skins as well as hero skins would be a great idea.
  14. True but ev2 will need something new added. Her towers call for multiple placements on a single tower. Just curious to what they will end up doing.
  15. I agree with madman. Hopefully you guys can fix it with the new update. Still unsure why there is so much lag on the ps4. On a side note, awesome job on catching up to pc.
  16. So I've been thinking of how exactly ps4 users will place Ev2's beams. I think trendy should finally utilize the down on the d-pad. For example, choose the X defense to place one node, X to keep placing nodes then Down to finish. Maybe they can use down for picking up items as well.
  17. Looks like the hotfix may be coming out next week. Hopefully that inventory bug is fixed when you sell mythicals and legendaries.
  18. That inventory bug is super annoying. However this update has been so much fun. Just wondering when the hotfix is coming out?
  19. I just logged on after the update, purchased the abyss lord and it seems I can't even create a new character. Turns out the forge is bugged when it comes to the hero deck. If I use the start menu everything is fine.
  20. I agree with the maps not showing up being frustrating. I believe the frost tower boosts are broken not just in the tavern. But overall trendy really is putting out a good game.
  21. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone else has noticed the frost bite tower bonus working? The armor I have says it will boost the damage on my towers by 11% but I've yet to see it work. I've put my towers in the line of sight of my frost towers but still no effect.
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