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  1. You're not looking for endlessly replayable, you're looking for excuses not to play. Like you said, you don't want the game to take away from your IRL time or to actually encourage you to play in order to advance in the game. Chess doesn't allow that. In fact, the game doesn't progress at all if you don't play.
  2. You seemed to miss the fact that they also get less because they did poorly. What a novel concept! The losers don't get as much XP and IP as the winners NOT the EXACT SAME AMOUNT. I did mention this previously that most other games limit XP gains for less active or effective players. What a novel idea, wish someone would apply that to DD2. Oh right, that's what this thread is about. The funny thing is, I probably would concede to having it be reduced XP, although I feel such a system is far too exploitable, but I get the feeling even that would be objectionable to you. The amount of ign
  3. And what core element of Chess does the Knight ignore? Each piece moves in a unique way. All pieces are limited to the board spaces and take other pieces by landing on them or are taken when another piece lands on them. Knights don't really do anything that violates the game's core concept. Summoners combined the two core elements into one, but also get a lot of criticism for how they were implemented in the game. And with Magic the Gathering, that's generally part of the design on most card games of that type. You have a set of core rules and then introduce cards that let you break the
  4. Actually, if you watch the video for the new deck system, you'd see that's where my argument comes from. The 4th point was all about how the deck system separates character creation from determining what you can bring into the game, allowing them to sell character creation slots. He says it right in the video. So I'd say it's more of a stretch to assume we'll be getting new slots for free. There will be some requirement (most likely a necessary purchase) to unlock further character slots. Also, I never argued for reducing the number of character creation slots. That's just another exampl
  5. I don't play WoW, so I'm not familiar with the particulars of their classes. I do know, however, that other games don't have classes that allow you to ignore core game elements. Generally, games just don't work that way unless you're looking at sandbox titles. For which he would be getting credit since boosts and buff damage are credited to the supplier of the boost or buff, not the tower. So how am I hating on that character? Being able to AFK on every map is a balance issue based on the current state of the game, which will change. They've mentioned changing difficulty based on number
  6. Maybe have an option on the escape screen to restart level. If you're in a multiplayer game, it could put the notion up for a vote.
  7. Considering the devs have stated they want to monetize character slots, I'd say my assumption on the matter is a safer bet. Yeah, you may get more character slots, but you're likely going to have to pay for them. Anyone who's not willing to dole out the cash is going to likely suffer from having only a few limited slots. And psychic? Really? The game tells you what each character does and how they play. Trendy's not going to hide that info from people, even if they do have an unlock system. Players will want to know what they're unlocking. And if you're going to have players use the
  8. That's not really a flaw with the system, though, it's a flaw with the balance in the game. A lot of people have concerns about how the game is balanced to favor defenses over DPS. It even came up again in the last Devstream, so I wouldn't be surprised to see that rectified down the line. Of course, you're never going to fix every problem and there will always be that guy who just wants to be a ***, but that's what moderation tools are for. Honestly, if a guy is that overgeared, he's not doing enough to challenge himself and could be playing on a higher tier. People don't buy into a game
  9. Not really, you have access to all available characters, now. You're not forced to use up character slots on classes you don't want to use simply because you need to use them to unlock a character you do. Also, by doing this, you are pushing players into specific combinations, rather than encouraging exploration and experimentation. Once you unlock the additional classes, you'll already be established with the starter classes, meaning you'll already be reliant on specific combinations based on those classes and you're not going to want to delete them to make room for classes that aren't lev
  10. Except this still doesn't address the issue that if you're unlocking the characters, they're going to be lower level than the existing characters you had to use to unlock them. This is kind of restrictive to your gameplay because it doesn't give players choice on their starting characters. With limited character slots in the game, this is a problem and players will find themselves having to pick and choose which classes they want to unlock and may end up stuck with classes they aren't that interested in because they had fewer choices starting out. For instance, if you have six character sl
  11. And at what point was I bashing your post? I didn't insult you, talk down to you, or act like a general ass. I disagreed with your assessment, explained how the system worked and offered an alternative if that wasn't satisfactory. Your response to that is to act like an ass? And you wonder why I get a little hostile at times. As for the first part of your post, you're confusing what I mean by "current system." When I speak of the current system, I'm not talking about my proposal, but the currently existing system they are using in the game, now, which only awards standard XP to the char
  12. That's even more reason to just have them unlocked from the start. If you want an effective "tutorial" of sorts, you need to be able to use the character. Having special maps just to demonstrate what a character can do is kind of a waste of developer time and effort when they could just let you do these things yourself with special missions on existing stages, have a sort of mini-tutorial campaign with maybe a costume unlock for completing it, although I don't really think even that's necessary. We don't have tutorials for the existing characters.
  13. Considering the limited character slots and the encouragement to level three characters at a time, I'd rather not see the need to unlock characters. Plus having to unlock new characters suggests there is some advantage they present that the basic 4 do not. I'd rather just see well balanced characters that you can freely choose from the start. There are other things you can use for that kind of progression, like special costumes, pets, or gear.
  14. And yet, there are people who WANT to play solo and the devs WANT to improve that aspect of the game and there are people who may WANT to play strictly DPS, but I guess their choices don't matter, only the specific one you wish to make. Having different stats does give you some choices in how you approach problems, but it shouldn't allow you to ignore half of the game. Like I said, it doesn't work from the other end, and that's due to the way the game is balanced. They aren't going to retool it to make DPS's able to crush a stage, though. If they rebalance, it will be to make things harder
  15. Ghost [WoRM] quote: Players are expected to do as they please when they have options. Don't expect anyone to play any part of the game that they're not interested in, that's why we have options for how we play. For example, Diablo 3 has 6 classes, bounties, uber bosses, rifting, and greater rifting. There are options for players to do as they please. Dungeon Defenders 2 has 4 classes, hero stats, ability stats, and tower stats. There are options for players to do as they please. Actually there aren't as many options as you think. Try solo without a builder. It doesn't really work, no matter
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