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  1. Will you ever listen to the community, get decent testers, and stop being horrible at balancing?
  2. How much easier is slightly? if it's another 5% nerf dont bother.
  3. seahorse. you can farm insane hc aquanos survival and still get a great one, it's pretty easy.
  4. it'd sell, and damned well. DD is a solid title, and if they learned from their mistakes (keep the game full of options but give a more clear-cut path so people don't feel like they can't progress to the next level), it'd sell better than DD did. DD has problems, and if they addressed those in a second title, i'd be interested. after how they handled this game, i dont think most people trust them to do well
  5. trendy, just post saying if you're gonna fix this or not. i need to know if i should waste any more time with this game.
  6. -snip- exactly how i feel. running survival and finding loot, getting slightly better, that's what is fun to me. ramming my head into a wall for 3 hours hoping i get maybe 1 piece of usable loot is not.
  7. 15% is not enough to matter, considering how high they buffed it.
  8. Ive lowered the levels difficulty in the next patch. Even though raw data and my experience making tons of DunDef maps can tell you it was easier then Sky City, I have lowered it even more. neat.
  9. leave it to trendy to **** things up again
  10. everyone should get buffed to be as good as monk, not the other way around
  11. Yeah, the sicarius doesnt have a level requirement for whatever reason, have an ultimate one equipped on my level 75 huntress
  12. rest assured that feedback from the playerbase will still directly affect changes in the game. hahaha
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