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  1. I find your wording hilarious. For starters, your assumption, however likely, isn't confirmed. So no, you can't say "these quests actually bring the true average down". If you're going to be scientific about something, maybe choose your wording more carefully as to not show your bias. And since your bias is visible, paired with the fact the you argued the point earlier, and then the post is in THIS thread, I have a baseline of what your point is as a result of all this effort. You're implying everyone should be able to complete the quest. But it doesn't discount for, again, people who go on
  2. Right, because using math, logic, and rational thinking from the perspective of both a player and a game developer, makes me a troll. You seem too uneducated to understand something extremely trivial. Move along.
  3. So your counter-argument, just so we're clear, is "get over it"? I also love the rest of your points, literally just ignoring basic common sense. "Oh hey, I'm a game developer, and in my spare time I like to make required content incompletable by random demographics that play my game". Yes, you're absolutely right, game developers don't have to cater to their player base. Good on you for bringing that point up, and then making it the focal point of your whole argument. You're a very clever person. Now please, list all your successful endeavors showcasing how not giving two ***s about your cust
  4. Again, basic logic, math, statistics, philosophy, spaghetti, and the Mona Lisa disagree with you here. http://wiki.dungeondefenders2.com/wiki/Daily_Missions Some of those numbers are wrong, but just from the pet quests alone, you can fill your entire daily reroll with absolutely no tokens. Now, in regards to you saying you can't take me at my word that I have indeed had such luck, well that's on you, I couldn't give a crap if you believe me. It works both ways, you haven't shown screen shots of not getting bad luck. Not that it matters, because again, it's possible just based on daily vari
  5. I've never really been one for screen shots, so they don't exist. At least, none of my bad luck. But most of those days started with getting the pet daily (which gives no tokens), and then the 2 reroll options (since 1 of the three is just the same quest) were 1-2 and 1-3's. Oh, and I started the month with 2 dailies saved. But your logic here is flawed. There exists a list of all the dailies available, you can clearly see that in the span of a reroll (daily+2 extra options), there are enough daily variations in which filling those 3 spots for the day with bad token rolls is possible. The
  6. I appreciate your attempt at addressing my issues, but again, you're using anecdotal evidence that doesn't disprove what I'm saying. I have PERSONALLY seen 5 days straight of the highest token I could obtain being 3, in a 1-3 daily. Oh, and not one of those days did I actually get 3. I got 3 1's and 2 2's. Trying to imply that because you didn't get RNG f'ed, and three of your friends didn't get RNG f'ed, is evidence no one can, isn't logically sound thinking. Your only claim to an argument is onslaught, which I have also PERSONALLY run, and haven't yielded one single token. But just for the
  7. This was the point I was addressing, I understood completely that you agreed they were wrong. And then you use a different LOGICAL FALLACY, I believe this one is called an Ad Hominem attack, in which by trying to say I'm wrong about one thing, I must be wrong about all things. Not that I was actually wrong of course, your subconscious just decided to intentionally see it in a light that would make you believe you're still right. You really should look this stuff up if you're going to try to argue with.. well anyone, about anything. Do you know what a hyperbole is? I realize you didn't say tha
  8. Again........... I'm pointing out the double standard of their argument, they didn't have to bring up dailies. To suggest that one quest should live up to its name, and the other shouldn't, is downright unjustifiable. An excuse? No. You literally argue in your second paragraph that game companies should only make content for people who can fully dedicate themselves to their game. The monthly, in case you were unaware, rewards you with a legendary pet that is UNOBTAINABLE after the quest is removed. The mere fact that you asked me my progress on the monthly mission thus far shows you clea
  9. Yes, will you all please continue ignoring my point and posting the fact that because YOU didn't get F'ed by the RNG, that no one can, and to stop whining. Who needs logical and rational thinking when discussing something, amirite? I feel like you guys are the forum equivalent of DPS huntresses in quick match.
  10. Did you read a single post here other than mine? People are complaining that wanting to be able to complete the monthly within the first week makes me a casual whiner who wants stuff to be handed to me, and then suggest it should take at least 2 weeks. In case you were unaware, the average month has slightly over 4 weeks, to round things out, lets say 4 weeks exactly. To be able to complete it in 2 weeks, would take 1 half of the time in which the quest is labelled. In a direct comparison, yes, a completely direct comparison, I suggest using their logic, that they must want dailies to follow s
  11. So either the name "Monthly" means something, and it should take exactly, no more or less, one month to complete, or it's just another way of saying that it will take a more than usual amount of effort. Anyone arguing that expecting to be able to complete a monthly within 10 days is just "casuals whining" haven't put ANY thought into the matter. Because essentially what you're saying is that dailies should take 12 hours to complete at the very least. It's just not feasible for a company to expect their player base to have no life commitments other than their free to play game. And this same
  12. Lightning: In dev 44 it sounded like once loot is optimized, you will lower the drop rate of items. Are you going to raise item sell costs to compensate for the loss of income? Edit: Lightning: Even when selecting random map to increase my chances, I'm almost guaranteed to get put into an empty map. I'd much rather get put in to a queue, because hitting quick match means I want to play with other people, not by myself. Is this implementation intended, or just due to a lack of a player base? Edit 2: Lightning: Will you guys ever consider destructible items in maps, including but not limit
  13. Edit: Apparently people are missing the point that the problem isn't whether it can be completed in the month, but rather the problem is that someone who wants to put the time in when they can, can't do so. If you're going to require a quest to take a certain amount of days regardless of your effort or availability, it better be the amount of time the quest is named after, aka a full month. I basically can't solo nm4 because I don't have Elemental Chaos. I kept waiting for the November monthly to go into effect so I can snap up the key Uber Sphere, only to find out the monthly is gated by..
  14. Not sure if bumping is allowed here or not, didn't see a stickied rules thread or anything....
  15. This is just a list of a few things I've noticed really irritate me while playing. No sound in background. I'm using Full-screen Windowed 1920x1080. Alt tabbing from Full-screen Windowed forces minimization. I have two monitors, so tabbing to something on my 2nd monitor shouldn't force it to minimize so I can see my desktop background on my first monitor. Can't hear the "readied up" sound effect of other players while in my inventory (or alt tabbed for that matter). **** super irritating. The forced group tavern post-game, and the fact they can force me into another map. Yet, for some rea
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