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  1. Haven't played since about 2 days ago, came back on today and all of my items/pets/mana have disappeared (basically leaving me at where I was a week ago. I also just tried to make a game in private or in custom games, and I 'failed to create game'. Not sure what's happening at the moment...
  2. Bumping. Also have some good HUNTRESS animus for trade. FULLY upgrades 31 and 32 upgrades.
  3. Hey guys, I am selling the following items (as seen in screenshots) The High Five Legendary Van Wolfstein Legendary Van Wolfstein Draconis Ignis(Max Up - Master Wand) Draconis Ignis Legendary Poisonous Weisgram The Incubator Apprentice Animus Post here or add me on Steam with all OFFERS Steam is Shadowknight523
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